an introduction

The Nobby Life is a blog meant to inspire people like me who enjoy the well-lived life but are on a budget. The word nobby means chic, smart, and I like to think of myself as someone who enjoys chic things smartly. In other words, I enjoy nice things and I like getting them at a bargain. Most blogs about travel and fashion are authored by people who already have the means to splurge on the products they promote. I enjoy peeking into such blogs and vicariously experiencing their glamorous content, but personally, it is something that I can’t relate to thanks to my budgetary restrictions – and I suspect I’m not alone. I have often perused blogs in the hopes of finding someone who could show me how to travel, live, and shop well, but within my means. This blog is for anyone who seeks inspiration for finding the beautiful, luxurious life without breaking their bank account in the process. Cheers to the budget! And welcome to my world…


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