Shopping Score

Ignore the horrible picture quality. I took the items from their bags and photographed them with my phone – wrinkled and all! But I was excited about my finds and wanted to share, imperfect photography and wrinkled fabric notwithstanding.


The dress and skirt I found on two separate Target trips. The shoes I found at H&M a couple of weeks ago (on sale for $5 and it just so happens that that weekend all sale was an extra 50% off – $2.50 total!). The dress was hanging on the clearance rack, and its simple silhouette and striped seersucker fabric immediately made me think of all things summery and pleasant; of southern style, cold lemonade, picnics, hot days, and vacations.


See the price? This dress will be worn with sandals or flats for a classic look, or a chunky wedge for a not-so-casual look.

You can never have too many classic pieces. Especially if you can find them for less than $4! (Sorry about the upside down tag. It had a mind of its own and would not lay any other way!)


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