Petal Pink Summer Days

If you were to ask what my favorite color is, I’d say that hands-down, without a doubt, it’s pink. If you were to ask me what shade, however, I’d never be able to give you an answer. I vacillate between whether blush pink, petal pink, pale pink or hot pink is the perfect shade. I have every shade represented in my life by owning pink cosmetics, jewelry, shoes, totes, shirts, skirts, and yes – even pants. Which I only wear when I feel like it. You really have to be in the right mood to wear pink pants, in my opinion. It’s such a happy-go-lucky color that you can’t wear them if you’re going to be grouchy or somber. It.just.won’ This morning I had a happily relaxed day ahead of me.
So the pink pants came out (bonus: no ironing needed). And I paired them with stripes and white shoes. I felt quite summery. The day cooperated by being bright and hot. I ran around town in my pink pants and even indulged in a snickerdoodle shaved ice. I haven’t had one in years. It must’ve been the pink influence.

Anthropologie top, Target pants, Madden Girl perforated flats, Tory Burch bag


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