StyleMeJuly Instagram Challenge

This is the best idea ever. Really. (Why didn’t I think of this?!) Anyway, Hilary at Dean Street Society has created a challenge for July: a different clothing theme everyday, take a picture, put it on instagram. I can do this (at least, I’m going to try) and this was my first submission:


Don’t laugh. Please. I had my outfit planned but in the rush of work and errands, I never did find time to stop somewhere and have my picture taken (not to mention that I wasn’t anywhere even remotely picturesque). But I had dressed in polka dots just for this and by golly, it was going to happen. Even if it didn’t turn out as planned, I have to admit that day one of this challenge was fun.

Shirtdress: Gap. Shoes: Steve Madden. Purse: Tory Burch.

Day 2: Colorblock

Yesterday was a bit busy. I worked in the morning and then spent most of my afternoon researching legislation involving education for a research paper. But thanks to this colorblock shirt I acquired from J. Crew last year (sale on sale – I love when that happens!), I was able to quickly pose and voila – my submission for day two!


That is all. Now go join this clothing adventure…

Shirt: J. Crew. Jeans: Gap. Bracelet impulse-purchased here while in Boston last month (no regrets – I love the simplicity of this bracelet!).

Note on the book: I am holding a beautiful 1910 edition of Evelina by Fanny Burney. I had never heard of this author until a friend recommended her works to me last year. If you love Jane Austen, you will enjoy Ms. Burney. She not only preceded Ms. Austen, her works had an influence on that inimitable author. This is especially evident in this particular novel, where the heroine is young, beautiful, and sensible, her hero is older, wealthy, and kind, and the rogue is named Sir Willoughby! proving that even Jane Austen didn’t come up with such interesting characters without prior influence…




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