Of Seasides and The Fourth of July

with Hilary Rushford’s #stylemejuly Instagram challenge…

Day 3: Gems and Baubles.
Missed this because my phone decided it has a mind of its own wouldn’t take pictures (who knows? It’s technology). I had some great jewelry to show off, but oh well.

Day 4: Red Alert
I’m in love with the red embroidery on this top from Zara. I wore it over jeans for a red, white, and blue outfit in honor of Independence Day.

20140705-205643-75403984.jpgDay 5: Seaside Style
So today was especially fun. The hardest part was picking out which item to wear.

I’m miles from the closest seashore, but I can dream

While picking out today’s outfit, I started thinking about my favorite seaside trips. Soulac-sur-Mer is a favorite memory (especially of being half-asleep on the sand and finally opening my eyes in time to see the tide pools filling as the tide rolled in and people scrambling to get to higher ground – I barely got my stuff and made it to dry sand). A close second is my visit to Manchester-by-the-Sea’s Singing Beach on July 4th of last year. Manchester-by-the-Sea has the added attraction of a wonderful bookstore (Manchester By The Book. I don’t know which I love more: the name or the shop) that is accessed by an easy walk from the beach.

Sand, sun, and books – my idea of the perfect seaside experience…


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