Of Reading, Shoes, and Getting Lost

Another week of #stylemejuly and I’m still having fun! One thing I love about summer is the simple schedule that I enjoy; the break from teaching and studying gives me the opportunity to relax at last, enjoying the things I’ve missed all year.


Perhaps the one thing I miss most during the school year is reading. No one is too old to let their imagination take flight, to be carried along in a fanciful world, to take delight in the turn of a phrase, reading it over and over again because something is beautifully and perfectly said and it resonates in your soul.


I started this week’s #stylemejuly photo challenge (after missing Sunday – oops) in keeping with the day’s theme of Black, White, and Chic all over. I used a lovely little French book in the photo as my something white, and a pile of books as props because this is essentially what I’ve been doing this summer: catching up on my “to read” book pile!

Dress: H&M; Bandana: Madewell; Shoes: Madden Girl (found recently at Ross)

Day 8: Hair with Flair


Tuesday was an easy day, as I just had to style my the hair the way I love most to wear it during the hot summer and take a picture for the Hair with Flair theme. I simply braid along both sides of my head and then twist into a low bun, securing with a hairband. I added two cute bobbypins for the flair part. I often get compliments when I wear my hair like this, which is nice since it keeps me cool and looks good at the same time. Oh, and added bonus is that I only do this when my hair is dirty, so that I can go an extra day between a hair wash and no one can tell how filthy my long locks are!

Bobbypins: H&M.

Day 9: Blossoming Beauty

For day thirteen of the style challenge, I had a wardrobe fail because I wore the wrong outfit! Had I been completely put together this week, I would’ve worn this adorable vintage top that I found at Goodwill several years ago.


See the sleeves? And the colors are just plain fun! I think this top is from the 60’s or 70’s, judging by the designer. I am a 40’s and 50’s style loving girl at heart, but sometimes I can’t resist the interesting and colorful designs from later eras.

Day 10: Celebrity Style Icon


For Thursday’s theme, I had a difficult time trying to decide how best to emulate my style muse, Audrey Hepburn, for the day’s theme. My favorite Audrey movie is Roman Holiday, and while the wardrobe in that film is limited to a few outfits (due to the fact that the story takes place within a 48 hour period), Audrey stuns in everything from a nightgown to her ballroom dresses. My favorite, though, is the white blouse and full skirt that she wears for most of the film as she explores Rome with Gregory Peck (side note: why don’t men and women run around looking so chic anymore? Our comfort-oriented culture is missing out). Being Audrey, the kerchief she has around her neck and her gladiator sandals complete her outfit in a way that transcends time – she could walk down a street today in that look and still be as stylish now as she was then. I have a vintage full skirt that I wore with a white blouse and brown sandals as a homage to that outfit.

Perhaps the thing that most impresses me about Audrey Hepburn was the ease and grace that formed her demeanor; she carried herself with dignity and always with an elegant confidence – something that I feel is missing from most celebrities today. (And lest you think there are no differences in self-confidence, let me tell you: there are. There is obnoxious, self-absorbed, screaming-at-you confidence, and quiet, dignified confidence. Just compare Jackie O., Grace Kelly, and Audrey Hepburn to modern day celebs like Lady Gaga.).

Skirt: Vintage, found at Zola’s Vintage in Dallas. Blouse: I’ve had this so long I don’t even remember where it’s from. Sandals: thrifted.

Day 11: From the Feet Up

Yesterday was especially fun as I was able to wear one of my favorite summer shoes and take a picture of them for day eleven’s theme.


I.love.these.shoes. I used to run around every summer in flimsy flip flops, thinking that was the only way to keep my feet cool and comfortable at the same time. Nothing against flip flops (I’ve since upgraded to more grown-up lovelies from J. Crew and Anthropologie), but espadrilles have become my summer staple. No wonder people have been wearing them for centuries. The woven fabric and interior help to keep my feet dry and cool, and the shoe-like aspect of espadrilles allows for day-long wearing, from work to after-work activities. My favorite feature, however, is that they are light and pack flat, making them beyond perfect for summer travel. I wore them all over Europe last summer (and a trip to Boston as well), and I loved that I was able to pair them with a dress or pants and look far more put-together than I would have with my usual flip flops. In fact, here I am at the Trevi Fountain in Rome – if you look closely, you can see my Soludos on my feet:


Sorry for the weird crop. I was with a friend and needed to cut her from the photo for privacy/security.

If I look tired, it’s because I was. I had walked all over Rome that day (not kidding), mostly lost. One thing I’ve learned, however, is to not despair when lost. Truly, I almost look forward to not being able to find my way when traveling, as I often discover amazing places I wouldn’t otherwise find. That day in Rome I wandered in a massive park, around a neighborhood, and had a hilarious gelato experience. In fact, I had gelato twice that day. No guilt, either. One isn’t in Rome every day, right? Right.

Shoes: Soludos from Madewell.




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