Musings on an American Pastime

Baseball: that creator of legends and the endurance of cultural tradition. Full of statistical power matchups that, somehow, defy statistics. Nine long innings of hitters facing pitchers, of fans alternately hopeful and despairing for their team, of crowds moving up, down, and around the stadium – but never staying in their seat for longer than a half-inning. America’s perennial summer pastime. 20140715-232609-84369135.jpg It’s been going on for well over a hundred years. There is no greater display of American history and culture in action than a baseball game. Everything from cotton candy and crackerjacks, to cheesy – but still crowd-pleasing tunes – being churned out on the ballpark organ, to eager fans jumping up and cheering for the home run that was just belted beyond the reach of the center fielder’s glove. 20140715-232606-84366927.jpg   It begins every spring, but becomes especially interesting in summer. Perhaps because it requires leisure time to attend a game (what else are you doing on a warm summer evening?). Maybe because by now there’s a drought of other sports to distract. Perhaps because going to a game on a summer night with family or friends comprises a plenitude of bonding time over hot dogs. Or maybe just because there isn’t much else going on. Whatever the reason, summer and baseball games are nearly synonymous for many people. 20140715-232508-84308527.jpg I am one of those people. Hello, summer baseball games. How happy I was to discover that I would be attending a game on a day I’d be wearing something denim for Hilary Rushford’s #stylemejuly Instagram photo challenge. This dress was a no-brainer for a sticky, hot July evening under the wide open summer sky.

Dress: Rag&Bone. Purse: Goodwill. Sunglasses: Target.   


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