A Favorite Author + My Best Travel Accessory

#StyleMeJuly, Dean Street Society’s Instagram style challenge, continued this week with some fun themes. Day 13 was a blush theme, so I pulled one of my favorite skirts from my closet. I remember shopping at H&M in France many years ago and wishing that it were available in the US. A couple of years later, I was in Connecticut with family for the July 4th holiday and discovered an H&M in a mall nearby. For a while after, visiting that Connecticut store was my only access to its clothing, and it was there on another trip that I bought this skirt on super sale. Since then there have popped up across the US a proliferation of H&M stores, but I still have this skirt in my closet because of its enduring wearability, despite its resemblance to tulle.


 T-shirt: J. Crew. Skirt: H&M

I missed Day 14: Urban Cowgirl. I had planned on getting a photo of my outfit but then a minor emergency happened and my picture didn’t. Which was really okay because, though I live in Texas, I really struggled to find something remotely cowgirlish in my closet. Oh, and I realized that I don’t own a hat or boots or even a bandana. Must remedy this, I guess. Day 15 was a Dancegram theme. No one needs to see me dance because there’s nothing to see as far as that goes (snickers would no doubt follow should you see me attempt to dance). Confession: I skipped that one.


But Day 16 was Nautical by Nature, so I pulled this dress out to wear. I am holding a book by Monica Dickens that I finished shortly after this picture was taken. Book note: the granddaughter of Charles Dickens has never even remotely come close to achieving the recognition and fame of her grandfather, but her books are enjoyable in their own right. The ability to pen compelling stories must’ve been a strong trait in the Dickens family. My favorite book by Ms. Dickens is Mariana, published by Persephone Books. A surprising page-turner, given its simple storyline and straightforward prose.

Dress: Gap. Shoes: Steve Madden


Day 17 was A Pucker with Punch. Confession: I don’t wear a lot of color on my face. I often go out with minimal makeup on, due to my no-fuss morning routine (I can’t be bothered to wake up any earlier than necessary). But if I wear anything more than lip gloss, it’s my Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch. Just enough color without being too much and bonus! it’s a chapstick too. (If I’m going out someplace special, I’ll break out one of my MAC lipsticks. But it has to be someplace really special)

Sweater: Target. Skirt: DKNY.

20140719-113911-41951969.jpg(Ignore the tired face. It was the end of the week and I hadn’t caught up on sleep yet)

Day 18 was It’s a Wrap. Oh, this I’ve got. I have enough wraps and scarves to start a popup shop. I often throw one on to dress up otherwise drab outfits. It’s amazing how much color and happiness a scarf can impart. People often comment on my scarves and tell me they wished that they could wear them as easily. That’s a statement I don’t understand. Scarves look great on everyone!

I bought this one at Forever 21 last year and it has surprisingly withstood much travel and wear already. It is thin enough to be worn as a summer scarf and can easily be transformed into a wrap if necessary. In fact, here I am at the Vatican last summer where I entered wearing it as a scarf (see picture below) and then used it as an emergency coverup for my bare shoulders while inside.

IMG_0553Ahhh, Rome. How I miss you…

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