Liebster (like a hug)

Apparently there is an award to bring recognition to new bloggers. Thanks to blogger Wanderlust Nation (I love her blog, by the way – go visit if you haven’t already!), I am a recipient! Not only do I get to answer fun questions, but I get to ask some of other bloggers as I pass on the Liebster blog hug.


Questions Answered:

  1. What makes you so excited that when you talk about it your arms flap around like you were trying to imitate a bird? I’d like to think that something might make me so excited that I would do something crazy like that, but nothing that thrilling has ever come to me. I can only see myself doing it if someone dropped an all-expenses paid trip around the world. That I would look like a flapping bird for.
  2. What is the one food that makes you think of home the most? Hmm. Coffee. Does that count? I seriously get homesick for a good cup of coffee, fresh from the coffee pot, before I get dressed in the morning. I hate having to get dressed first and then find coffee somewhere when traveling.
  3. What is one place you could never go back to and why? Daytona Beach. I visited it once with my sister on a whim and subsequently regretted wasting a perfectly good day. Not only was the town insanely crowded, it was full of cheesy, junk-filled tourist traps and you couldn’t see the overcrowded beach due to the high rise hotels all around and the bodies strewn en masse on the sand (I assume there was sand. I honestly couldn’t see it though with all the people).
  4. Describe a time when everything went terribly wrong and it was the greatest thing that could have happened. I get lost a lot. It’s always the best thing to happen in the long run. One experience that stands out though is the time that my siblings and I were hiking in Acadia National Park. We got lost and didn’t have cell service (National Parks aren’t great for that, after all), finally someone got gps readings but it took us far out of the way of any place we even wanted to be. We ended up walking in the rain, starving (we had already consumed our snacks earlier in the day, before we knew we’d be lost), and then freezing as the temperatures began dropping (we had set out early in the day with minimally warm clothing, not expecting to be out so long). We finally dragged ourselves into Bar Harbor, only to watch the last bus park for the night. No taxis. No way to get to our Northeast Harbor home we were renting. We headed to a coffee shop and discovered that no one had brought wallets. One brother found some money in his pocket, and we shared scant food and drink. What did I get out of this experience (except some valuable life lessons on how to hike as a prepared and knowledgable person and not as a naive wanderer)?

Thunder HoleI saw some back trails that wound through wooded areas. Stillness broken only by the sounds of nature. Walking upon pastoral scenes that took my breath away and ignited my imagination. Seeing the fog roll across nearby water and over the path ahead of me. Encountering a doe and her fawn, who had thought they were the only ones around. Bonding with my siblings.


It was great, and was something that I’ve secretly wished would happen again on our subsequent hiking trips (alas, my siblings all learned our lesson only too well).

  1. If you could do anything on your bucket list what would it be? Go to Wimbledon. Take in every.single.match. Eat strawberries & cream and be an annoying American tourist who gets her tennis ball signed by the greats.
  2. If you could have anyone follow your blog who would it be? Oh, I’m not picky. I love anyone who is sweet enough to follow me and experience my random musings.
  3. Favorite travel song? It depends on where I’m going!

Okay, here’s the fun part: I now get to ask some questions! I chose a travel theme and can’t wait to see the responses. I nominate:

1. Sempre Dolce – cooking blog with a side of musical appreciation.

2. Take 4 Studio – amazing videography!

3. Landon Starnes Photography – stunning nature photography that will make you want to 1) grab a camera 2) leave your home and 3) find some wildlife to photograph. Easy enough, right?

Here are your questions, answer them when you can, and don’t forget to pass on the blog love:

1. What do you consider the most enchanting place you’ve ever visited?

2. What is your favorite travel accessory?

3. What is your worst airline/airport experience?

4. What is your favorite food to consume when on the road?

5. How many bags do you typically pack?

6. Hotel, hostel, B&B, tent, or a couch in a stranger’s home?

7. Coffee or tea?


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