So Long July, Hello August

I was completely spoiled this summer. Unseasonably cool temperatures, rainfall, and verdant surroundings almost made me believe I was experiencing summer anywhere but Texas. But summer finally showed up and with August’s 100+ degree days, it has come with a rapid vengeance.

I realized that I never finished my #StyleMeJuly posts! I’m sure you’re dying to know what I wore at the end of last month (okay, who am I kidding?), so here you go…

All That Glitters is Gold – I wasn’t much of a gold fan in my teens and my early-mid twenties. Not sure why, but perhaps it was because I associated with obnoxiously shiny, glittery, gold overdose that characterized much of the jewelry in the 80’s and 90’s. Today’s gold offerings are more classic and subtle, therefore I am now a fan.

Dress: Target. Bracelets: Noonday, H&M, Anthropologie, LIT Boston. The white bracelet was purchased at a store that was going out of business.

Pattern plus Pattern – this is a math problem I can solve. Checks and spots? You got it. No parking? Okay, fine.

Top: Old Navy. Jeans: Target. Shoes: Anthropologie.

Brooklyn Girl – what, exactly, is a Brooklyn girl? In my imagination (limited though it is – I’ve never met a Real Live Brooklyn Girl), I envision her as the quintessentially cool, unflaggingly stylish girl who runs to grab a cup of coffee with sweats and a messy ponytail and somehow looks adorably chic. Or she goes out in an ensemble that mimics fashion but never copies it. Perhaps she runs around in a vintage, feminine style that somehow looks so right now? Whatever you are really like, Brooklyn Girl, here is my ode to you:

(Please pay no attention whatsoever to my tired eyes.) Top: Target (sale on sale!). Skirt: DKNY (found at deep discount. The original tag said $300 – I paid less than $20). Bag: Goodwill (yes, really – I get compliments on this more than on any bag I’ve ever carried!). Sunglasses and watch: Target.

My Mom, Style Icon – my momma raised me, influenced me, and taught me everything I know. She instructed me in how to love books and knowledge (not just “smarts”), good food, classic styles, and quality over quantity. Just look at this picture and see that I didn’t learn my lessons well (so well, in fact, that my mom and I can’t shop without picking up the same items. Yep.).

Mom’s dress: Uniqlo. Scarf: Madewell. My dress: Gap.

The Other Side of The World – I had to combine this with #flashbackfriday in order to use this post from a year ago. Here I am in Trafalgar Square, books in bag and hand, happy as a lark that I was on my way to Rome, sad because I was leaving my favorite city.








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