Midweek Travel Tips

Missoni for Target. I am keeping my fingers crossed for another collab in the future! (hello, Target?!)

I’ve chronicled already my method for packing. Here is a slideshow on how to travel like a minimalist (i.e., how to not overpack – unless, that is, you like hauling three suitcases and multiple bags with you). I especially second tips 3 and 6. Accessories are unnecessary while traveling. I take 2 pairs of earrings (both classics, like pearls; and I wear one pair on the plane), a necklace (maybe – only if I’m planning on dressing up), and enough hair bands and bobby pins for the length of the trip. I recommend cute hair accessories since they add so much to your look and take up very little space. Also, unlike jewelry, they tend to be inexpensive so it’s less heartbreaking if you lose one. I like these colored bobby pins from J. Crew, which are strong enough to hold your tresses but add a pop of color and style to your hair. I also carry barrettes from Jane Tran (found at Anthropologie). The bigger style allows for one clip to do all the work, but the colors and patterns make layering them in my hair fun.

If you’re traveling with friends or family, pay attention to tip 6. I highly recommend sharing items to bring. For instance, I always take wrinkle-release spray which my friends are always welcome to (and grateful for, since it is an item most people neglect to bring but get a lot of use from). Since one bottle is plenty for a group, no need for multiples taking up space in your bags and hotel rooms. Hair styling tools are great for sharing. That said, choose one tool that does multiple duty. No need to bring a straightener, hair dryer, rollers, whatever. They take up too much room, even if they’re travel sized. If you’re going abroad, share currency converters and adapters. Unless relationships will be strained over sharing, it helps to just bring one of each since they tend to be bulky items.

And last but not least, I found this article on 8 Packable Things That Could Save Your Life extremely useful. I’ve mentioned before that I like to take a reuseable water bottle and nuts for carrying with me as I travel, but I plan to also pack a whistle and flashlight from now on! Oh, and quick note: a backup charger is.so.worth.it. I discovered this when traveling in Europe with a friend last summer. It was helpful to charge it as often as possible, then my friend could use it charge her phone while I used the adapter for mine. Also, there were times when we were out all day and were low on battery due to constantly using the maps on our phones. The backup charger was a lifesaver on many occasions.



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