It’s been too long since the end of July and now that we’re in the middle of August, I am only going to post my favorite outfits so far from this month’s style challenge. If you want to see them all, feel free to visit my Instagram (@thenobbylife). Oh, and follow me – I’d love to follow you too!

For this outfit, I had to skip the day’s Beach Inspired theme and go instead with Leopard Is A Neutral (oh, did I mention, I’m also doing another August style challenge in addition to Dean Street Studio!) from the #AugustStyleDare challenge.

Don’t look too closely, you’ll see the worn spots on these much-loved shoes! Shoes: Urban Outfitters. Skirt: Anthropologie. Flowers: Nature.

Peachy in Pink: I love peach and I love pink. This shirt, however, was all I could come up with for this day. I’m still reading Brideshead Revisited. I slowed down because I wasn’t enjoying it (I found Waugh too plodding and confusing in the beginning), but now I’m getting much more interested in the story.

Top: H&M. Skirt: Anthropologie. Headband: J. Crew Factory

Let’s Hear It for The Boys: I am short and so it can be hard to pull off the boy-meets-girl style so prevalent in fashion right now. Blazers over t-shirts simply do not work on my short torso. Oversized menswear-inspired shirts, however? Yes. There’s nothing to lose when wearing one: loose fit and long length, tailored and casual all at once. Why have we not borrowed from the boys sooner?

Top: Gap. Pants: H&M. Shoes: H&M. Purse: Target.

No Layers of Lovely here. Too hot, folks, for layers. Instead I busted out my sandals and posed on the sizzling pavement for a Twinkle Toes theme instead.

Sandals: Sam & Libby for Target

It’s In The Bag: I bought this bag last year at the Victoria & Albert Museum gift shop. (Museum gift shops are dangerous, dangerous places). I love the bright colors and retro graphics. So British. So bookish. So fun.

Top: Loft (just purchased this week, sale on sale and tax-free! $12!!). Pants: Target. Sandals: Sam & Libby for Target.

 Have a Happy Saturday!





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