Of An Auntie and Her Nieces

Yesterday my three nieces came over for a visit before the start of school next week. It’s not that I won’t continue to see them during the school year, but we won’t have the time to do the sorts of fun things we were able to do over the summer. Thankfully, I’m a self-employed auntie who can rearrange her schedule when necessary to seize an opportunity to make memories with beloved little nieces. Since I don’t have children of my own, it is nothing short of fun to accompany my nieces on an adventure.

Oldest and youngest niece take in the fish.

I grew up without an involved aunt in my life and never knew what it was like to have one who even wanted to spend time with me. Now it gives me joy to be the aunt I never had to my nieces, loving them and spending time with them. And I have no shortage of shared pleasures with them, like when my middle niece tells me that she props her pillows up in bed so that she can read at night. “What? You too?!” My little kindred spirits.

Middle niece races a shark to the end of the under-tank tunnel.
It was a tie!






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