Middling Monday

It’s nearing the end of my least-favorite day of the week. Here’s hoping you made time for coffee and some relaxation today. (I managed coffee, but not much else). To help us all ease into a new workweek, here are some fun articles for a quick, enjoyable perusal…
Nine Tips for Surviving The Middle Seat. Raise your hand if you’ve been the seat filling, ever. Not fun, right? I try to avoid the murky middle when at all possible, but sometimes flights are so booked that I don’t have a choice (and since this is a universal feeling, when a flight is close to being sold out, guess which seats are ever the only ones left?!). This article provided some humor and, even better, helpful tips for surviving and thriving in the middle.

Speaking of airplanes, how awkward is it when the small talk you use to engage your fellow seatmates with simply fizzles out? This article gives you tips for engaging people with small talk at any time and any place.

Finally (and to keep on a travel theme), how about wearing a scent based on your state’s flower as you traverse the globe? This roundup of perfumes by state will help you find the proper scent you need in order to be a model representative citizen of your state.


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