Fall Pieces (for Less Than Two Lattes)


It may be September, but August is still here in the form of hot weather and sticky days. As I wait for cooler days to arrive, here is a small preview of what I plan to wear this fall: skirts, fun t-shirts, and booties! Each piece in the below outfit cost less than two lattes, and came under $30 total. Knowing what will be popular ahead of time can help you get key seasonal pieces for less if you buy in advance, before they become popular.


I scored this faux leather skirt on super clearance at Target earlier this year. I don’t remember the price I paid, but it was definitely on the 70% off rack (I’m pretty sure it was $8). The boots I actually got about three years ago and they have withstood much wear and tear. A surprising thing I have discovered about Target shoes is how comfortable they are, and these boots are no exception. They have become my go-to travel shoe because of the style versatility (they go with jeans, skirts, dresses, everything!) and are especially helpful for the ease with which they slip off and on in airport security lines. Happily, I scored these before ankle boots became so popular, paying about $11 for them. After three years and still going strong, I’d say that was quite a bargain. Take my advice and find a good pair of ankle boots for this fall/winter. You’ll find that they are the best budget buy for all-season wearing.


The t-shirt is borrowed from my mom and came from J. Crew Men’s. Did you ever think about checking all the clearance racks in a store?! I do, and some of the best finds are in unexpected places. Don’t be afraid to look in odd places for a good find. I even check out the children’s section in some stores. Gap and J.Crew have the most versatile pieces, their t-shirts easily being unisex in most cases (and men’s tees are generally cheaper when they are on sale, go figure. I recently bought a basic olive green t-shirt from Gap for $0.99). This shirt was sale-on-sale, bought for $7.


Don’t you love the surprise of finding something totally unexpected and so good you can’t wait to share it?! That’s how I feel every time I find a good bargain piece!


Have a Nobby Weekend!




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