When Summer Gives Way To Fall

It’s that strange time of year when transition occurs and it’s hard to tell exactly what season I am in. As summer lingers on, fall is breaking in with a chilly, rainy day here and there. This is when the seasons are tangibly changing, and yet are holding on; summer’s grasp is beginning to loosen while fall’s hand is reaching out to hold, touch, then wave summer away.


These seasonal in-betweens are always so hard to dress for. I began today in this skirt and the shirt that is peeking from beneath my sweater, but by this afternoon I was able to top my outfit with this sweater and feel comfortable, thanks to a cloudy day and intermittent rain showers.


I have had this maxi skirt for ages, and am amazed still at how well it is withstood time and wear. The earrings have also been around for several years now, but as I still get compliments on them, I continue wearing them.


See the white shoes peeking out? Yes, it’s after Labor Day but I feel confident that this year, more than any other, the white rule will be thrown to the wind and no one will feel strange sporting it all year round anymore.


I am in love with this H&M sweater and bought one of the last two remaining at my local store. It has so many styling possibilities, and just happens to be my in my favorite color with the name of one of my favorite cities on it.


Which reminds me, do check back in later this week as I will be featuring a post on my visit to Paris, the sights worth seeing (and those I could’ve skipped) and ways to save money in the magical City of Light. It is all the information I wish I’d had before I went there.


Until next time dear friends… xo

Sweater: H&M. Blouse: Old Navy. Skirt: NY&Co. Clutch: Free People.Bracelet: Anthropologie. Earrings: Kohls.


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