Transitioning The Seasons With Aplomb (and on a budget)

Perhaps you live in a place in which four distinct seasons occur, allowing you to easily transition from shorts to sweaters, boots to sandals, linen to wool (or vice versa). I have a confession, dear readers-who-live-in-such-predictable-climates: I envy you. Living in Texas, we not only have a mere two seasons, but we have to act as if we have four and suffer through wearing boots and fall pieces when it is still 90 degrees outside. Who knows why we do, but we do. Perhaps it is because we are so very sick of our perpetual summer that we like to make-believe we are experiencing fall like everyone else. By donning our too-warm-for-wearing fall clothes, we are dressing in tandem with the privileged seasonites on Instagam, rather than feeling left out as we trudge around in our flip flops beneath a cruelly continuing summer sun.

I must admit, however, that it isn’t all hot weather and we’ve had some snatches of fall coolness already. This is why dressing in Texas is difficult. One day you’re in shorts, the next you could very well be in a sweater. (Yesterday it was hot. Very hot. Today it is in the 50’s. Sheesh.) I’ve learned ways to deal with this unpredictability and have amassed a wardrobe full of pieces that do seasonal double-duty. Should you also live in a place that is warm for most of the year, here are five ways I’ve developed wearing seasonal clothes in unseasonal weather.

Shirt is Old Navy from several years ago. I still can’t tell if it’s supposed to be a dress or a tunic, so I just wear as both. It has been very useful for wearing alone or layering. Shoes are from Urban Outfitters, purchased about two years ago. Bag is a recent H&M purchase. It’s a shame you can’t see the adorable black/white check pattern in the photo, but believe me, it’s cute. And $4.95? Um, yes.

1. Acquire long-sleeved tops that can be worn alone with rolled sleeves when it’s hot, or layered beneath a sweater or sweatshirt when it’s cold.

2. Booties. This pair from Target is wonderful for transitioning the seasons; the open-toe detail allows for breathability in warm weather and the style and color can easily be spring or fall. I bought this pair earlier this year (for about $11, on sale!) and am happy to see that Target has brought them back this fall. I wore them with spring clothes and now am wearing them with my fall clothes. A note on the sizing: I wish I would’ve sized up as this shoe is very tight around the toe and causes wounds when wearing for longer than thirty minutes. I advise going up a 1/2 size to prevent this. 

You can just see the boots here if you look very, very closely… Plaid tunic is Anthropologie from a couple of years ago. Cardigan is H&M, also from a couple of years ago. Jeans are Gap, as seen in the other photos on this page.

3. Sleeveless dresses that can be worn alone or layered. I just purchased this trench dress on super sale from Ann Taylor last weekend (on clearance, an extra 40% off and my mom shared a 20% coupon with me, so the total for this dress was $45!).


I plan to wear it alone during the summer, with a black turtleneck this winter, and layered over jeans for a trendy look this fall. Also, I’ll be ready for the double-button look that was seen on the SS 2015 runways recently. Remember my advice to look ahead in fashion in order to save money?

Gap straight-leg, raw hem jeans. 

4. Jeans in a dark wash. Boot cut, straight, or skinny for a classic look (remember, don’t spend too much on trends. Invest in classics that last through the years). I happen to like the contrast of a dark denim with white/light summer tops, or paired with contrasting colors in fall and winter. Gap has a great selection of classic jeans and washes.

Top is from the Ines de La Fressange Uniqlo spring/summer collection. Skirt is Old Navy from a couple of years ago. Clutch (actually a pouch included in my tote, but totally doing creative double-duty as a clutch) is Free People.

5. Short-sleeved tee shirts and blouses that can be worn alone in spring/summer and then layered beneath a cardigan or over a contrasting long-sleeve tee in fall/winter. That plaid tunic from Anthropologie, as seen in the second photo from the top? It’s short-sleeved, which has allowed for much wearing in our unpredictable Texas weather.

Above all, be creative. I love looking in my closet and figuring out how I can make beloved, but distinctly seasonal, pieces work outside of their intended season.

Until next time, dear friends… xo










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