Ramblings on Fall (again) and Nobby Bargains

As  earlier noted on this blog, we don’t get a lot of fall weather in Texas. Right now the weather continues to fluctuate between warm and cool. Since it’s a very real possibility that fall could pass on by without my being able to wear many of my favorite, beloved fall clothes (why must my favorite season be the one which is essentially nonexistent in Texas?), I am wearing them anyway, doing my best to pair the warmer pieces with cooler coordinates in order to keep from being positively too warm in this weather. Below are some of my favorite outfits using this method; some pieces are new this year but most of them were purchased on sale/clearance last year (which probably explains why I’m so impatient for fall weather: I’m longing to wear the clothes I scored at the end of last fall/winter season), and some have been in my closet for a long time because they are classic and perfect for year-round wearing here.

I have listed below each photo what is “new” (less than a year old) and what is old (over a year old).

Old Pieces From My Closet: Skirt is Martin+Osa, found several years ago at TJ Maxx. Sweater is Gap. New Pieces: Necklace from Anthropologie (bought recently, less than $10). Book Bag is from Persephone Books in London. Booties are from Target (purchased earlier this year). Glasses are Gucci (borrowed).
Old Pieces: skirt is H&M. New Pieces: Zara sweater, purchased earlier this year. Shoes are Steve Madden from Ross. Tote is Free People.
Old Pieces: Shirt is Old Navy. Cardigan (draped over arm) is NY&Co, purchased from Ross. Earrings are from Kohl’s. Boots are Banana Republic. New Pieces: Skirt is a recent purchase from Forever 21. Tote is Free People.

Speaking of new and sales, I thought that I’d point out that it’s nearing the end of the month. It’s also nearing the holidays. Retailers are trying to get rid of old inventory in order to make room for new. Now is an awesome time to stock up on some great items, whether for now or to put away for next spring/summer. Here’s what I’ve scored recently:

Old Pieces: top is an unknown brand, thrifted. Skirt is Old Navy. New Pieces: Scarf is a recent Target purchase.

This super cute scarf from Target (I’m wearing it in the above photo). Less than $5. (Note that the website price is more than the in-store price; also, I couldn’t find it in green. The pink is cute, too, though)

These Birk-alikes, also from Target – less than $7. Not only is the gold color a nice neutral, but they are super soft and comfy! Like walking on a cloud! My mom tried them on and said they felt better than her Birkenstocks.


This top (in dark pearl) and corduroy skirt (in cream) from Gap. On sale and an extra 40% off. The top was $12 and the skirt $20.

This adorable sleeveless, peach colored Vince top (which will be saved for spring/summer) for $15 at Marshall’s. Here is the (no longer available) shirt in the peach color at Nordstrom Rack, and here it is in white at Nordstrom.


These lace-up wedges, (to be saved as well for summer) also from Marshall’s, $15. There were several pairs left so I will be popping back in to see if they get reduced any further. (Here’s hoping they do!)


The most recent purchase (this past weekend) was this beautiful maxi skirt from Anthropologie. I’m not sure what the original price was, but it was on clearance for $29. It’s pretty in the photo but it’s even more lovely in person. Also, sale is an extra 25% off right now! Just sayin’… 

Until next time, dear friends… xo


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