Friday Link Love

16 Evening Habits That Make Everything Better – as a night owl who is currently trying to adjust my morning wake-up routine in order to have a more productive day, this article has tips and tricks that actually make sense. I will be trying some of these come Monday morning (but not before then. It’s the weekend, after all).

I get a little giddy over novelty items. And some of the best can be found at The Container Store, especially when they roll out their infamous stocking stuffers. I plan on buying the beauty spatula, to be used before, during, and after Christmas. And the teaspoon tea infuser. And the eClean portable Screen Cleaner. And the… heck, I’ll take it all!

If you’re anticipating traveling soon, here are 11 Things You Should Never Delay Before Your Trip.

And just for fun, a story about a small company who makes artisanal chocolate from raw cacao beans dried and smoked in – wait for it – a barbecue pit. Fascinating, but it is Texas, folks…

Happy Weekend! Until next time dear friends… xo


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