Of Hair, Face & Feet

An odd title, to be sure, but that is what today’s post is about: taking better care of your hair along with some product recommendations for your face and feet that I have put to the test for you!

I am a low-fuss, minimal makeup girl, so it’s vital that my skin looks healthy in order to continue using less makeup in my daily routine. I have oils that I apply to my face every night (okay, I’ll be honest: it doesn’t always happen because often I am too tired to wash my face first. But I do apply oils at least 4 times a week), products for my feet (we are in sandals nearly year-round in Texas, so healthy skin on feet and heels is essential); and lately, I have been attempting better care for my long tresses, which I will detail below.



In most of my Instagram photos, I am makeup-free except for eyeliner and a lipstick and/or lip gloss. I don’t own foundation, I never use mascara, and the most product I’ll apply to my face is tinted moisturizer and a mineral powder. Most days I am all natural, though, as I am not a morning person and can’t be bothered to get up earlier in order to fit in more time to get ready. I’m not saying this is a good thing, mind you, I’m just saying that this is the way I am and it will help explain my product choices. So far I have been able to maintain moist, healthy, skin, and I think it is the use of natural products that has helped.

At night, before bed, I apply either almond or avocado oil (whichever I currently have on hand) to my face. Two months ago I bought rosehip oil for its superior facial benefits, and have since mixed about 1/2 rose hip oil to 1/2 almond oil for a nightly application. This is so easy to do if you purchase a glass bottle with dropper, which also helps with mess-free applications.

almond oil

In the mornings, after applying moisturizer and powder, I spritz rosewater over my face to set my makeup and to give my skin a fresh look. I purchased Heritage Store Rose Petals Rose Water based on the glowing reviews it got. This stuff is amazing. I even spritz it over my sheets and pillows before sleeping. The largest bottle is only $9 and it will last a long time. I can’t wait for my next trip, as I plan to apply it to my face during the flight in order to stay hydrated (my skin does not like high altitudes or dry airplane cabins).

rosewaterThis summer I decided to buy Boots Botanical All Bright Purifying Face Scrub based on the glowing reviews it got. Using it twice a week after cleansing first with a cream cleanser, I haven’t noticed any significant difference, but I like the soft exfoliation it gives me (making me feel as though I am really scrubbing away dirt), and the scent is very pleasant and not overwhelming like a lot of facial products are.

boots botanical

Tired of battling stinky, dry feet, I recently purchased this Stepping Stone foot scrub from Lush. So far it has been wonderful, and the combination of sea salt, pumice, and deodorizing essential oils has made for a pleasant foot product. My only complaint is that it crumbles and dissolves immediately on contact with water, so you have to apply to the scrub quickly to your feet before it completely washes off. Also, it is best to break off a piece for use rather than take the whole product near the water. Otherwise you’ll discover that the scrub is falling to pieces in your hand and washing down the drain before you can use even half of it.


Finally, I have been attempting to take better care of my long hair. I have been shedding quite a lot of hair lately (more so than normal), even though I drink lots of water, am shampooing less (twice a week now – I never thought I could achieve this!) and take in proteins and nutrients essential for maintaining healthy hair. Puzzled as to why this was happening with greater frequency, I searched online for a reason and discovered that hair elastics can cause significant damage to hair! I had never heard of this before, but I immediately stopped using elastics and am now using ribbon hair ties. They aren’t as tight as elastics, so I have to braid my hair now before a workout instead of pulling it into a ponytail. I have also stopped vigorously drying my hair with a towel after washing. I let it mostly drip-dry, applying a towel gently to the ends when they are sopping wet (doing my best not to rub hair). Yes it’s inconvenient, but guess what? I am already noticing less hair loss! Instead of pulling hairs off of my clothes all day long, I am keeping them on my head where they belong.

Oh hey there, side braid. I shall be seeing more of you from now on…

Until next time, dear friends… xo

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