The best things about fall, its pleasures that I eagerly anticipate every year include so many things, but if I had to narrow any down, I have to say that I especially love the availability of pumpkins (to eat or to decorate with), wearing scarves and boots (oh, I do love my boots), soft light falling through gloriously colorful trees, and chilly beginnings and endings wrapped around shorter days.

As I continue to participate in wardrobe challenges in an effort to make better use of my clothing (it really takes creativity to style the same thing differently for multiple days, or to reach for the blouse that I never wear because I never can figure out what to wear it with), you can glimpse a few of my favorite autumnal things.

Remember that Gap skirt I bought I recently? I’ve been getting a lot of use from it! I love pairing it with my Banana Republic boots. Sweater is Zara. Scarf is Marc Jacobs for Target, from the Neiman Marcus collection a couple of years ago.


I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am that capes are so popular, as I have been wearing them for the past couple of years anyway! As proof, this one is from Target a few years ago. The skirt is H&M, the t-shirt is Anthropologie, and the boots are from Ross. The skirt is a couple of years old, but the t-shirt and boots are more recent purchases.


I bought this sweater on super sale from Gap last year, and it is one of the best purchases I have ever made. Its cozy style is perfect for errands. The jeans are also Gap. The coffee mug is from Brookline Booksmith.


Shirt and jeans are Gap. Scarf is Target. Booties are Old Navy. All outfit pieces were purchased on clearance.


Top is Zara (less than $15, purchased this summer), here’s the Gap skirt again, paired this time with my boots from Ross.



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