Gift Guide for The Book Lover part II


1. Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day from Persephone Books. $14.

I enjoyed this story of a prim and proper British governess in her midlife who suddenly finds herself in the middle of excitement, intrigue, and even romance in 1930’s London.

2. Rabbit Hole necklace from Out Of Print. $30.

This whimsical necklace is for anyone who has fond memories of reading childhood classics and being swept away into imaginary worlds.

3. Lit Lovers case for iPhone from Jessa Mae Photo (Etsy). $28.

So one can showcase their love of books!

4. Women’s Long Sleeve tee from Out Of Print. $42.

Even if you haven’t read it, you can look like you have.

5. Penguin vintage classics luggage tags from Penguin. $9.95 each.

As I wheeled my bag around NYC last year, trying to get to where I needed to be and finding myself hopelessly turned around and confused, my Lost Girl luggage tag seemed especially appropriate, and even menacing at the time. Now I embrace the experience of being lost, and my luggage tag seems to remind me on every trip that travel is about adventure and not just your destination. These luggage tags will surely bring a smile to the face of the traveler/reader in your life.

6. Literary Book Lover coffee mug from Dream and Craft (Etsy).

My favorite coffee cups are the ones with literary references or titles on them.

7.Library Card canvas book tote from $21.99

For the librarian and would-be librarians in your life.

There are so many wonderful gift ideas out there! This is meant to be a guide only, to help inspire you to gift the people in your life with the things that they enjoy. A gift card is great, but something with meaning and connections to the receiver will never be amiss. I encourage you to keep your eyes open in this busy shopping season, look for the whimsical and unexpected, and most of all, shop for the person you’re gifting. Know their interests and passions. Giving isn’t just about doing what is expected, it is about relationships and bringing pleasure to others.

Until next time, my friends… xo


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