Gift Guide for The Traveler

Gift guides are so much fun to make that I can’t stop. Everything I see that I think unique and delightful, I want to share! I hope that this list will inspire you whether you’re shopping for a traveler this holiday season or are just looking for unique (but useful) items for anyone on your list. 
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1. Foldable Pocket Rain Poncho from The Container Store. $24.99. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished for a rain poncho that didn’t make me look, well, like a tourist in a rain poncho. This red polka dot number solves the tourist dilemma and keeps you dry in cheery style.

2. Bonjour London, Paris, New York travel guide books. Available from Merci. $14.75 (exchange rate as at time of post). Almost more than visiting an actual city, I love planning my trip there. I don’t often use typical travel books either, preferring instead small, unique guides (such as these) that help me to discover a city beyond the Fodor’s books (nothing against those books – they can actually be helpful with basic travel information. I just love finding the less-traversed areas of cities I’m visiting).

3. Victorinox 22″ wheeled carry-on from Amazon. $249. I’ve blogged before about my beloved Victorinox carry-on. I can’t even tell you how far it’s traveled, how many times I’ve stuffed it thinking it wouldn’t hold anymore, only to discover that it would. Or how many times I held my breath wheeling it onto smaller jets, keeping my fingers crossed that it would fit in the overhead bin (I shouldn’t worry though, it always has). It goes on every trip, unless I’m on a weekender, in which case I take a duffel. This one isn’t mine, but it looks the closest to it. Good luggage is worth the splurge! 

4. Pack This! List Pad from The Container Store. $6.99. I use this. I really do. I check off items as I pack them and then carry the list on my travels. This way I can keep up with my things easily and do quick checks as I unpack and repack on my travels.

5. The Laundress Travel Kit from The Laundress. $52. For the green traveler, these items are nontoxic, biodegradable, and made with natural ingredients. Included are a laundry bag, travel sized stain solution, delicate wash, crease release, and fabric fresh. Items are available separately if you don’t fancy buying all at once.

6. Bobble Water Bottle with Filter from Amazon. $11.20. I’ve blogged before about these lightweight bottles. I don’t recommend the large size for travel, but the small size would be perfect for your adventurous trekking.

7. Go Clean Bags from Flight 001. $52.00. I may not be the most organized traveler, but I’d like to be. Maybe if I owned this set, I would be… In any case, they look cool and useful all at once. What’s not to love?!

8. Pack-It Compression Sacs in S/M/L from Eagle Creek. $22.40 (on sale at time of post!). Why roll your clothes up when you can compress them?

9. Little Bow Passport Cover from Amazon. $13.99. If one must present a passport when entering other countries, one might as well do it with a delightful flourish.

10. Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation from $79.95. I don’t own one (yet), but a friend had one on a trip we took last year and we discovered that it was.worth.every.penny. You can’t underestimate your phone’s battery life (er, like I did) when you’re using it to find your way around and take photos of every amazing thing you see. This battery power station was a lifesaver when our phone batteries were low.

Not Pictured: Aromatherapy Travel Pillow from Kuhi Comfort. $44.99. Currently sold out, but perhaps there is a similar one somewhere? I know I’d love to find one. Imagine sleeping comfortably and peacefully on a flight! Who knew this was even possible?!

Happy Weekend! Until next time… xo


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