Winter Vacation in The Mad River Valley

Mountains, sun, cold, books, warmth, coffee, laughter, snow… If I could sum up my winter vacation simply, there you have it.  After a travel drought and an exceptionally busy life this past fall, I was more than ready for my family’s trip to Vermont for a Christmas/New Year ski vacation in the Mad River Valley. Just thinking about the respite from busyness and schedules helped me to get through December. There would be quiet, reading, knitting, hiking, skiing, lovely views, I told myself. And I wasn’t wrong. Vermont was all that and more. As all good vacations go, it was hard to return home. Harder still though after eight days in a beautiful place; it was very, very hard to come back to my home state. One can quickly get used to trees and mountains…

Our adventure began (as it often does) in Boston, where we have family. We had Christmas together then set out for Vermont and our big family vacation. There were twelve of us total (including littles), so we knew that it was going to be fun, fun, fun.


 As we drove through Vermont, idyllic New England scenes hailed us as we sped past, like the sun peeking over the mountains.


Or rivers flowing gracefully near the road.


 Or the quintessential white church.


When we arrived at our destination, the farmhouse with its spectacular view of the slopes we would soon be skiing on thrilled us all.


We got right down to it and went to Ole’s for some cross-country skiing on our first full day in Vermont. I enjoy cross-country far more than downhill, partly because it is so easy to pause and revel in majestic views, such as the dark clouds gathering above…


 Only to disperse and reveal plenteous sunshine and bonnie blue skies.


 It didn’t take us long to discover the one and only coffee/pastry shop in town: The Sweet Spot. Avant or apres-ski (and sometimes both), we quickly became familiar with this cozy, warm coffee shop where we shared desserts all around and sipped on mellow lattes and sweet mocha-lattes.

I’ll be sharing more about my Mad River Valley vacation in the next post – join me for part II later this week!

Until next time… xo

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