In and Around Waitsfield

In this post I have attempted to condense a week’s worth of vacation into a manageable (and hopefully enjoyable) narrative. Attempt, is the word I use. We shall see if I can or not! It is difficult to take a trip and unpack every day in your mind once it is over, but here are more of the activities that I enjoyed, and more about the area in which we were staying.


One week of vacation, every day of it packed with things to do and see can almost be overwhelming. In the midst of trying to get everything in while visiting a new place, I must say that making time for relaxation is a must. It’s hard for some people to do, but luckily for me, I never have a problem doing it. Sometimes it involved knitting after a long day out.


Sometimes I was content to just lounge around the house in my slippers.


But sometimes a trip down the hill and into town was also a good way to relax. For instance, there was the only bookstore in town. It was charming and quirky (an electric train runs around the ceiling perimeter randomly). The owner was friendly and knowledgable. It was just the kind of book shop one could hope to discover in such a small town.


Sometimes coffee was required for relaxing. Okay, just kidding, coffee is always required for relaxing. I only visited the Green Mountain coffee shop once, but how about that sign? It spoke to my procaffeinating heart.



Every visit into Waitsfield involved a glimpse of this delightful old covered bridge and some very enticing storefronts.

How cute is this door?

One afternoon everyone went ice skating at a nearby rink in Waterbury. It was spacious, clean, and had a snack/coffee bar inside! All were happy, the skaters and nonskaters alike.


And then there was skiing. We all went to Sugarbush for two separate days, joining the crowds whooshing down the slopes.



When one is skiing (or happily watching others ski in the cold, cold outdoors from within the warm, warm indoors), one simply must get the required fuel needed for exertion. The Skinny Pancake creperie at the Sugarbush Resort did not disappoint. Steaming, savory, crepes stuffed with delicious fillings – it was the best kind of food for warmth.

How about a view with your crepe?

Speaking of Sugarbush, may I just say that I had a very pleasant experience there? Even though there was chaos in the rental room, the staff were so friendly and helpful that I could overlook this. Then, during my lesson, there was a big misunderstanding regarding my skis. My instructor had told me to take them back inside for a binding adjustment, which I did, prompting the staff to question if I had the right pair of skis, and then more chaos ensued and I was sent back out to the slopes to wait, sans skis,(attempting to glean what I could from the ongoing lesson while standing there), as every now and then a staff member popped out of the building, ran up the slope to ask me a question, then ran back down. It was almost humorous really, but I have to say that they were pretty good-natured during the whole ordeal. In the end, I was given back the skis that I had all along and my bindings were still unadjusted. As it turned out, I missed half of my ski lesson and so dropped out for the remainder of it. Not only did Sugarbush refund the money, but they were extremely kind and apologetic throughout. In order for the day to not be entirely wasted while waiting for my group to finish, my sister (who had had to quit skiing because of foot pain) and I decided to go on a snowshoeing tour for the afternoon.


Our guides were a husband and wife team who were very informative, imparting much insight into our nature observations. They were also thoughtful of the individuals in the group, checking often on everyone and encouraging us all (most of us were first-timers) down the mountain. I fell in love with the peaceful art of snowshoeing; the gentle clamping through nature while sensorily taking in the surroundings.


Back at the house, I decided one day that I had looked at the farm that was across the road from us long enough. Its picturesque buildings and promising sign hanging near the road had caught my eye ever since arriving. Now it was time to go calling and see the inviting white home and big red barn up close. I took my little cousin with me and we walked over, stopping in at the office to see if anyone were there, and if so, to gain permission to walk through the property. We couldn’t find anyone, and on surveying the surrounding grounds, realized they were very quiet.


We walked along the drive, following it until it ended in a walking path, then we continued on for a little way until we came to this:


We went only a little farther, enough to see a lovely panoramic view, then turned back so that we wouldn’t be guilty of trespassing. But oh, how I would love to go back and explore further!


I leave you now with a parting glimpse at the Waitsfield Inn. We did not stay there, but it was a charming building that somehow called to mind many literary images every time I saw it.


 Until next time… xo

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