Meet Krista of Read, Write, Teach Style!

Hi everyone, I just want to introduce you to Krista of Read, Write, Teach Style. I am so honored that she agreed to write a guest post for me! We met on Instagram, where I have gleaned much from Krista’s feed of lovely, budget-friendly, modern + modest clothing. As I am also an educator, her outfits are a source of wardrobe inspiration for me. I encourage you to follow her, be inspired by her stylish feed, and come join me and hundreds of others who participate in her fabulous and fun style challenges! Thank you, Krista, for being an inspiration, and thank you for your contribution to The Nobby Life!

Hi, The Nobby Life Fans!

I am Krista, a middle school English teacher at a Catholic school in the St. Louis area. Shelbi asked me to collaborate with her and create a guest blog post about my experience shopping on a budget for modest but stylish teacher style.

Before I get into my how to list, I want to talk a little about modest style. I define modest style more loosely than some, as I wear pants and shorts as well as tanks, sleeveless, and leggings. I know that others would object, but to each their own. I find modest style to be important in my life since I interact with 11-14 year olds everyday (as well as their parents). I feel I need to set an example that modest looks can be stylish and fun. The girls I teach look up to me, and I want them to see that you can be fashion forward, have personal style, and be modest. I keep in mind as well that the boys I teach are impressionable and also should see modest style.

A few of my recent modest looks

Moving on to the budget friendly part! I have always been a sale shopper, a clearance rack searcher, and a deal hunter. My mom was a couponer before it was cool, so I come by it naturally! I find Target has great clearance sweaters and dresses. Old Navy has great sales, especially with a card, and they carry petite items online (important as I am only 5 feet tall). Kohls has fun accessories and nice sales, but I never do well with their clearance. I slowly have added many pieces I love and that remix well into the fashionable and modest style I want.

As I worked to find more pieces that fit with what I was looking for, I continued to hunt more and more. I have a co-worker who has amazing style, and she told me her secret- which I will share with you- she is a thrift shopper! Well, after seeing her looks, I had to give it a try. I like Goodwill and Savers as they have the best deals and I have had a lot of luck finding like new, name brand items at these stores. I tried Plato’s Closet, but it was too trendy; I tried ThredUp as well, but again it was not the right fit for me. I know thrifting scares some people, yet my experiences have been wonderful and worth the great items I have found.

Some of my clearance, sale, and thrifting finds

So to sum up, budget-friendly, modest, teacher styles are out there if you put a little work into checking sales, shopping, clearance ranks, and hunting the thrift stores. Come check out my shopping finds, my personal style, and my style challenges on Instagram @readwriteteachstyle.

Thank you, Krista! Until next time, everyone… xo

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