Winter Neutrals + Layering Challenges

I haven’t done an outfit post in awhile so thought that I’d get back into it with this one. December is typically a whirlwind of activity, but January is always a month in which one can catch a breath and get back into normal life happenings. It is also a very cold month. I almost dread these quiet winter months when the bone-chilling air and damp gray skies linger interminably and one ends up in vast amounts of outerwear, which almost defeats the purpose of dressing creatively. Honestly, it has been so cold that I have been bundled up every day to the point that no one would know if I were in my pj’s or not beneath my coat.


But for whatever reason, I find creating winter styles fun, although challenging because of the layering issue. For warmth, one needs layers. Layers add bulk. Some of us, dear readers, don’t need bulk. We are already fixed that way, if you get my meaning.


Where was I? Oh yes. I’ve discovered that pairing short sleeve sweaters with sleek, long-sleeve tee shirts is one way to balance the layers. Also, keeping the layering shirt in the same color as your skirt allows you to add inconspicuous length to short sweaters. They can also help to elongate a short torso. Be careful though, that the shirt is not too long when wearing over a skirt, otherwise you just add even more bulk to the hips. Finally, this is an obvious and well-known fact, but it bears repeating that tights are a grand way to keep warm and help hide imperfections while adding the appearance of height (important for us shorties out there).


Obviously my coat is off for the purpose of showing my outfit in the photos, but when I’m covered up I like to be sure that my accessories stand out a little. I fell in love with this headband from Anthropologie when I bought it on super sale last month. (Oh, hey, did you see that they’re having another super sale? Right now, this minute??)



Now I’m off to gather and fellowship with a lovely group of ladies – bundled up to the max, of course…


Sweater: Zara | Skirt: JC Penney | Coat: J. Crew | Purse: Tory Burch (thrifted) | Headband: Anthropologie | Tights: DKNY | Shoes: Target (they are old closet friends, from back in the Isaac Mizrahi for Target days!)


 Until next time… xo


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