Valentine’s Day


I just love Valentine’s Day. Which might be weird since I’m single. Not that it should matter, I guess. And I don’t really love all the mushy aspects, just the cute decorations and ideas floating around. Perhaps its that pink is a favorite color, and this is a day in which every shade of pink imaginable is not just ubiquitous, but celebrated. Or maybe it’s because there are so many crafting and baking possibilities. There is out there that I find it easy to get caught up in a day in which I personally don’t have any vested interest – other than expressing my own love to family and friends.

2015/02/img_6167.jpgWhether you’re single or married, surely there is someone who would benefit from an expression of love and appreciation. Cards are nice, but what about something truly thoughtful? Something that takes effort to put together? That really says, “I love you enough to put my time (because we all know how valuable time is!) into something that would give you pleasure.” I think I’d die if someone did that for me. As it is, I just about die getting to do it for others. Thankfully, I have loving family members who are ready recipients of my own expressions of gratitude for their faithful love and support.

2015/02/img_6165.jpgThe good thing about Valentine’s Day is that it is so easy to create a cute spread without spending a lot of money. Everything pictured was gathered from around my home, and I only needed to buy a few items to bring it all together. Has anyone noticed just how awesome Target’s dollar aisle is?! I also found the adorable Mason jar vase at Marshall’s for $2.99. And you don’t even need to bake luxurious treats – I used pastries from a local Mexican bakery (nom nom!). Much better than I could make, time-saving, and utterly delicious + beautiful.

2015/02/img_6182.jpgValentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just pink and red. I love adding pops of other colors, and these Depression-era dishes were just the right amount of something different and unexpected. Acquiring unique sets of dishes or decor allows for an easy pull when needed for a party, without necessitating a budget overkill. Being prepared is optimal for any situation, and if you think that it’s not worth it to collect things for once or twice a year use, put them to work when friends and family come over. Not only are they great for food presentation, they are also conversation starters. Perhaps the best of all, however, is that such lovely pieces will cause your guest to feel special. And that is the greatest gift any host/hostess can give to their guest.


Happy Party Planning!

Until next time… xo



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