Awesome Austin

There was color everywhere

It was pretty exciting to accompany a good friend on a trip to Austin last weekend. We were going there to celebrate her birthday, and I was thrilled with the prospect of introducing her to my native state (she had never visited before!) and glad that Austin would be her introduction. Having only been there on day trips, I was more than ready to spend an extended weekend in a city that promised good food, outdoor activities, an energetic atmosphere, and a funky aesthetic that has come to define Texas’ capital.


My friend flew in and I opted to drive (since I’m only 3.5 hours away), but sadly I left later than planned and hit major traffic heading down (ugh) so I ended up arriving at our rental very late. Once I had emptied the car and settled in (n.b.: my form of settling in is to immediately spread my stuff everywhere! I have a need to sprawl wherever I am), we chatted with our friendly Airbnb host before hitting the streets to check out whatever the city had for us.

#ihavenoideawhatthisisfor #butitookaphotoanyway

With beautiful summer weather (in February!) and something to see/do everywhere, we couldn’t have asked for a better destination. We walked the downtown areas, explored the city during the day and night, shopped some great stores, people-watched, and drank more lattes than can be counted.

Coffee abounds in this city! So much to love…

While it was a wonderful weekend full of fun, it didn’t come without a few disappointments, which I will share in my next post so that you can benefit from our mistakes and avoid them on your visit (n.b.: this means less research for you!).

Food trucks! My stomach is still full…

 Next Time: Eat, Sleep, Do in Austin! Until then… xo



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