Of Sandals and An Offending Cat

I love my spring/summer shoes. I had even pulled a new pair of shoes out of the closet recently because warmer weather was coming and I wanted to be ready to wear these particular sandals that I’d purchased on super clearance several months ago. I was so excited to break them out finally. But…

I swear my legs aren’t this white in person (I hope not, anyway!!!).

The cat decided one morning that his litter box wasn’t clean enough so he came into my room and decided to retaliate on my floor, near my closet, and on – you guessed it – my new sandals. Oh, and a pair of Superga sneakers that I’d kicked off and hadn’t put away yet.

I caught the cat in action, so some damage was averted, but my shoes took the worst. I tried the home remedies first, but to no avail. I then went and bought Nature’s Miracle Just for Cats Advanced Stain and Odor Removal (a cleaner with enzymes, absolutely essential for battling cat urine, apparently). I soaked my carpet, blotted it up, then soaked again and again until I was convinced it had penetrated every fiber. The cleaner worked wonders on the floor and my Supergas but failed to mitigate, even a teeny bit, the smell on my sandals.

I was frustrated. I had only spent $6 on the sandals and here I was spending close to $20 trying to clean them up. I almost gave up. I flirted with the idea of tossing them. But I just couldn’t. I had to try everything first.

I searched online for more advice and finally found this. 3 ingredients with convincing promises that it would work. I couldn’t lose after having tried everything else. Of course it necessitated another trip to the grocery store because of course, I didn’t have citrus Pine Sol. Of all things. I only put a small amount of all the ingredients into a spray bottle because my sandals were the only thing I was cleaning, thanks to the Nature’s Miracle doing its duty already. I mixed the ingredients and sprayed. I spritzed the sandals, wiped them, then spritzed again. I spritzed the floor with the leftovers, just in case. Then my spray bottle’s nozzle clogged (thank you, baking soda) and that was that. I couldn’t wait to check on my shoes in the morning – and guess what? IT WORKED. I happily wore my sandals that day, sans cat urine smell.

Post-disaster shoe wearing.

And I’ve even managed to forgive the offending pet. But he is no longer welcome in my room, just in case…

Until next time, my friends…

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