Good Morning, Smoothie!


By now you people know that I’m not a morning person. It’s something akin to torture for me to be up before 8 a.m. (yes, I’m tortured every weekday. Who ever thought it was a good idea to start school or work before 10?!) For that reason, I usually need a good breakfast. One with protein. One with energy. One that I can put together quickly because I’m usually running late as I can’t bring myself to set the alarm at an unholy hour in order to maximize my morning…

Enter the smoothie.

Now I know how many smoothie recipes there are already. I might make the observation that It’s kind’ve insane that there’s so many, because really this drink is basically just fruit and yogurt blended together. But to make that observation would be incriminating since I’m about to share yet another one with you, so I’m refraining from saying anything about smoothie recipe proliferation… But you’ll like this one. Really. It’s easy, delicious, and will help you to wake up. You can add extras of whatever you enjoy to make it more or less healthy (your call), but this formula I’m sharing is basic and easily adjusted to your liking.


Notes on the recipe: I learned a little trick a long time ago that I’m sharing with you and only you: orange juice concentrate is the key to a creamy, flavorful smoothie and creates a beverage that resembles what you’d get at commercial smoothie places (like Jamba Juice or Smoothie King). Also, it looks weird but spinach adds a healthy component and good texture. Avocado can also be used. The beauty of this recipe is how easily it can be adjusted with different flavors. And I promise that you can’t even taste the spinach.

Good Morning! Smoothie


1 cup frozen strawberries 

1-2 cups frozen fruit

1 banana

1 cup plain Greek yogurt

1/2-1 cup orange juice (or fresh juice of choice) 2 tablespoons orange juice concentrate

Handful of fresh spinach

In a blender combine yogurt and about 2-3 cups combined of strawberries & frozen fruit. Add banana, juice and orange juice concentrate. Toss in spinach. Blend until smooth, pour, enjoy.

If it’s too thick, add more liquid a little at a time until desired consistency. If too thin, add more fruit or yogurt (or ice if you’re watching calories or carbs). 

Can be frozen and thawed as needed. (This is critical for those of us who struggle to be awake, much less make a breakfast in the morning).

Makes 2 large or 4 small servings


2 thoughts on “Good Morning, Smoothie!

  1. I love putting spinach in smoothies, but the taste is hard to cover sometimes.. orange juice concentrate, I’ll have to try this!

    Also your description of mornings was funny to me: I work early mornings and wake up around 2:30am most days. When I sleep in (usually until 4 or 5am), it feels like bliss! I always forget most people are used to sleeping in until like noon, haha!


    • That’s too funny, Stephanie! I don’t know how you do such early mornings! 😉 I’m up when I need to be (which is M-F), but I’m just not fully awake and functioning. I’m hopeful that one day my body will change so that I can enjoy sunrises like other people! Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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