Summer on The Seine


One of my favorite afternoons in Paris was spent walking along the Seine, enjoying the peaceful lull in a city that was quiet because it was August and just about everything was closed. That was bad news for me, as I was eager to try the many stores and restaurants and patisseries that I had heard about but that were no longer open that month. It turned into good news for me when I realized that I was saving money by not buying things, and being forced into experiences I would never have tried otherwise.

In fact, something I learned while there was that Paris need not be expensive to be enjoyed. This was revelatory to me, as it was so contrary to what I had always thought. But truly, one of the best things about Paris is that the most memorable experiences won’t cost travelers a cent. Like stretching out on a verdant park lawn beneath blue skies.


Or reading beneath leafy boughs in the Tuileries.

IMG_0916Sitting on the Seine, gazing out over the sunbeams playing on the water.


Or stopping at the book stalls lining the bank.


All free.  All memorable. All priceless.

On your next visit to Paris, I encourage you to slow down. Try not to fit in all the sights and activities that the city offers. Instead, wander around. Get a little lost. Spend an afternoon picnicking in a park or along the Seine and watch the world go by.


You won’t regret it.

I blogged previously about doing Paris on a budget. You can find those posts here and here.

Until next time…


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