Modern + Vintage Summer Outfits

I realized recently that I haven’t done an #ootd post in awhile. While Instagram has already seen these outfits (and most likely you have, too, if you’re on there), I thought that going more in depth than I do on Instagram and sharing why these were my favorite outfits this month would be fun.

Remember my recent trip to Austin? And the dress I bought at a market there? I finally found a (modest) way to wear it! If you recall, this dress is completely unlined and very sheer. Yikes. I was dying to wear it but had to solve the peep show problem first. I felt that denim would accent this dress very nicely, and tying the jacket around my waist helped to gather the dress in, as it is one size and rather voluminous as a result of that feature. The shoes were a sale purchase from Anthropologie two years ago. The purse is a Goodwill find, also from two years ago (that reminds me… I haven’t been thrifting in awhile! Must go soon…).

This skirt. You guys, it’s a soft, tulle-like skirt but without being stiff and scratchy like tulle. It’s flowing and loose and has layers on layers. In a word: my favorite kind of style. Easy, feminine, versatile. Again, note the denim jacket in lieu of a belt. I can’t wear belts as they just.don’ with my short torso, so styling tricks like the above are a lifesaver. Tying a shirt (as in the last photo below) or tying one on helps to pull an outfit in and together, much as a belt would, but also lengthen the appearance, thanks to the shirt being able to stay untucked. The skirt was purchased at an H&M while traveling several years ago. The top is Anthropologie, as are the sandals (sandals are old, the top was purchased on sale from Anthropologie a couple of months ago). The tote is from Free People, received as a gift last summer. I can’t recommend this tote enough. It has withstood a year of being schlepped all over the place, filled with my normal (read: abnormal) amounts of stuff, and still looks good and gets compliments.

I borrowed this Kate Spade dress from my seester and fell in love. I worried that the horizontal stripes would be unflattering, but lo if they weren’t the opposite, which completely surprised me. The fit, style, and quality all contribute to make this dress an eye-catcher. I saw a similar one in green at Nordstrom’s yesterday, on sale. (un)Fortunately, there was only one left and not in my size. I think I heard my wallet breathe a huge sigh of relief.  I couldn’t find the dress on Nordstrom’s online store, but I did find it here (also on sale). Wedges are from Marshall’s, several years ago. They are Betsy Johnson and so so cute. Coffee is from Buon Giorno, one of my favorite coffee spots in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. You can’t miss with the Carmelito latte. Best afternoon perk ever! (p.s. If you like the combo of coffee + caramel, head over to Sempre-Dolce for a delicious recipe!)

It’s getting hot here in Texas. So, this linen dress came out as it always does when the temps begin to soar. Cool, easy, breezy, comfy, but the shirtdress style says otherwise. I’ve owned this dress for several years now after finding it on super sale at Gap, and it’s more than paid for itself over the years. Shoes are from Payless – I’ve owned them even longer than the dress, but they are still adorable so I keep wearing them.


I love vintage clothing. That said, I have a hard time wearing the pieces I’ve purchased because of their fragility. This skirt is no exception. I can’t date it because it’s handmade, but the rustic, bulky zipper seems to be from the 1950’s or 1960’s era. Even if I don’t wear it often, this skirt never fails to fill my mind with imaginary outfits. Look at those big, huge pockets. I can stick two of my hands in, deep down and past my wrist. This was before the smartphone days, so I’ve often wondered if this skirt was a utility skirt – perhaps the pockets held mixing spoons or clothespins or dust rags? It’s fun to imagine the owner who made it and used it. I tied my shirt rather than tuck it in, for the same reasons as tying a jacket around my waist. It helps to define a short torso without emphasizing it. Shirt was purchased at J.C. Penney’s (I rarely shop there, but had run into a store for some reason and came out with this. And it’s been much worn since!). Sandals are from Marshall’s and cuff is from Anthropologie. (p.s. Here is a great guide on caring for your vintage clothing. I always check a  care guide before attempting any cleaning of a garment).

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Links:

Anthropologie , Bloomingdales, JC Penney, Goodwill, Marshall’s, Gap, Free People, Vintage Vixen vintage clothing care guide.

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend!

Until next time…


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