TPT Conference Style + Dream Packing List

Are you an educator who is going to the TPT conference in Las Vegas? Lucky you! I wish that I were a seller on TPT so that I could go as well, but as long as the rest of you fabulous educators continue to create your incredible content, I’m happy to sit back and let you enjoy a weekend of fun in exchange for all of the wonderful new ideas that I hope you’ll share with the rest of us, whether through lesson helps/ideas on TPT or on your blogs. Anyway, though I’m not going (sniff sniff), I’m so happy to join in on the linkup that Teach Inspire Change and It’s Elementary, My Dear are doing! To celebrate with them, I decided to create a fantasy packing list for the TPT conference (it’s fun to dream, isn’t it?). As a carry-on only girl, I focused on dresses as they are a one and done outfit and will save space in your luggage for souvenirs (you know you’re going to buy some...). Being the kind of person who likes to look expensive on a budget, I chose options that are inexpensive but manage to belie their actual price range.

Here is what I would take:

For daytime sessions, I would wear this dress. It has a fun pattern without being too loud. I know that it’s Vegas, but one can still remain elegant while throwing in a fun element.

Dress: Gap

These shoes. Need I say more? Madewell excels at combining classic style with modern touches. Seriously, check out the tasselled ties. Sandals: Madewell

For something that can transition from conference room to dinner, I would wear this dress. Sandals and a cardi tied around it during the day for a casual look; wedges and layered necklaces or bracelets for a conservative nighttime look.

Dress: J.Crew

These are the sandals I would pair with the above dress for daytime sessions. Comfy, cute, and did I mention they’re currently on clearance at Target??
Sandals: Target

For an evening out Vegas-style (okay, this would be as close as I could get to it, anyway), this faux-leather dress from Zara, paired with heels and a clutch would be perfect.

Dress: Zara

Finally, one needs a good bag for Vegas. Something big enough to throw conference material into, as well as pens, snacks, and bottles of water, but with an element of fun reflecting your destination. This H&M bag is perfect for those needs, imho.

Bag: H&M

Have fun, teachers, and I hope you’ll share your experiences with the rest of us who will be living vicariously through you during the conference!

Slide1Until next time… 


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