Roses For Beauty + Health

I do believe the rose is my favorite flower. It pleases almost all of the senses: smell, touch (velvety smooth petals, but thorns? not so pleasurable), visual appeal, taste (ever had rose tea?), and can impact something simply by its being.

Lately I’ve been discovering the incredible properties of the rose – turns out it’s not just a pretty flower, it is useful for humans as well as our natural environment!

rosa damascena

Roses have been used over the centuries not just for their beauty, but also for healing – and for good reason. Rose essential oil has many skincare benefits, such as antibacterial and antioxidant properties, and the rose itself has healthful benefits when ingested, such as in teas (see below). The National Institutes of Health has a report on its pharmacological benefits. For the brief version, this HuffPo article gives the science in a nutshell. Rather than repeat what has already been successfully stated, I’ll let you do the reading on your own while I share my favorite products containing rose oil.

Rose hip seed oil. I blend this with whatever carrier oil I have on hand (recently it was jojoba) and apply it to my face. It definitely smooths the skin and I’ve noticed that my skin has a nice, natural glow when I use this regularly. I keep the blend in a glass jar and store it at room temperature. I use this brand, which is fine for topical use, but not for ingestion.

Rosewater. I use Heritage Store’s Rose Petals Rosewater and love the soft, sweet scent. It’s strong enough to smell good, but without the risk of smelling like a rose garden. I use this to set my makeup, spritz during flights to refresh + hydrate my skin, and on my sheets before going to bed. I bought the large size and it has lasted for a long time, so definitely worth purchasing if you plan on using it daily, as I do.

Weleda’s Wild Rose deodorant. I am constantly on the search for an effective natural deodorant, and after trying many brands and even making my own (how crunchy is that??!), I’ve resigned myself to using Dove’s Advanced Care (it has a lower amount of aluminum than most brands on the market) and supplementing with this deodorant by spritzing it as an underarm refresher on hot, sticky days when I feel uncomfortable applying more deodorant.

Smith’s Rosebud Salve. Okay, this may not technically contain rose essential oils (but then, it might – the company doesn’t reveal their “blend”), but it still smells good and feels wonderful on the skin. I keep this in my purse and use it on my hands, lips, nails, and sometimes to smooth down stray hairs gone awry on humid days.


Rose tea. I don’t have a particular brand loyalty here and often try whatever looks good when I’m out shopping. Tea containing rose buds or rose petals is very healthy for women and contains many benefits, outlined in this Livestrong article (which also includes a recipe for creating your own tea from fresh petals).

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Quick Links:

Pharmacological Effects of Rosa Damascena, The National Institutes of Health

The Beauty Benefits of Rose, The Huffington Post.

Now Foods Rose Hip See Oil

Heritage Store Rosewater

Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant

Smith Rosebud Salve

Until next time…


This post is not sponsored and all opinions expressed are my own. Original photographs by me. Please get in touch for permission to use them. 


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