Easy Breezy Summer Outfit

What’s better than ice cream when it’s 100 F outside? That’s right, nothing. (Except maybe a cute outfit).

featuring Adorn Apparel

Did I mention how hot is? Oh yes, I did. Just last week. But you guys, it’s gotten even hotter since then! All I think about now is how to stay cool (and look good. natch). When Adorn Apparel sent  me this top and skirt, I knew that my outfit worries were over.

(If you’d like to skip the story, head to the bottom of this post for outfit links.)

The skirt is not only adorable (you know how much I love stripes! and skirts!), but the fabric is breathable and doesn’t stick to your (ahem, sweaty) body. Also, this is a total bonus for you travelers: it’s completely wrinkle resistant! I pulled it out of the box and not one wrinkle on it. I folded it up and then, after a couple of hours, hung it up and still no wrinkles. Clearly this skirt will be accompanying me on my upcoming vacation.

This top. Did you see the scallops??! I am having a slight obsession with these scallops. And this top has them crossing all the way up the back, so there’s plenty of detail to enjoy. And the orange color is so cheery in the best way. And like the skirt, it is a cool, breathable blend that doesn’t stick. You could wear this over a swimsuit; or, as I did, paired with a denim jacket or cardigan for everyday or work wear. (psst – it comes in yellow too!)

Happy Weekend, friends! Until next time…

p.s. The ice cream featured in the above photos is from Melt Ice Creams in Fort Worth. If you live in the area, be sure to check out and taste their unique, handmade, creamy flavors! (and get your picture in front of their famous wall, as I did).

Skirt and top c/o Adorn Apparel. Jacket: Gap. Shoes: H&M. Purse: vintage/thrifted. Wristlet: Ban.do. Sunglasses: Anthropologie. Jewelry: Rocksbox

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Links:


Scallop Top


Jewelry (use code thenobbylifexoxo for a free month trial)

All opinions expressed in this post are my own, as are the photos. Please contact me for permission to use any pictures or content from this site. Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Easy Breezy Summer Outfit

  1. I’m loving the bright colors! And yes, the details are lovely as well!! You always have the best pics!!!! I just started a blog as well and I might need some of your expertise… If you’re willing!!
    Rachael (loopyscorpio IG)


    • Aww, thank you, Rachel! You are always such an encourager! 🙂 I love your Instagram feed + always look forward to your posts. That’s so exciting that you’re blogging now and I’d be more than happy to help you in any way that I can! Send me an email anytime at shelbi.anne@gmail.com . 🙂


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