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I’m so excited to join Emily of Emily and Dot and other bloggers for the Travel Postcards linkup! While I haven’t gotten to travel yet this summer (at least, not since Memorial Day weekend), thanks to taking on a job leading educational camps, I anticipate a weekend getaway before school starts. Since I don’t have any current travel photos to share with you, I thought it would be fun to share some from favorite destinations I’ve been to, in the hopes that if you’ve been there, you’ll understand why I carry such fond memories of my visit, or if you haven’t, then perhaps this post will help you to decide on a trip to one (or all) of these places.

First Postcard: Austin, Texas!

People lining up to watch a nightly bat flight on the Congress Ave bridge near downtown.

Delicous food everywhere, funky finds, eclectic atmosphere, uniqueness everywhere – this has to be the most fun capital city ever!

Next: New York City

There aren’t even words to describe how much fun this place is. Yes, it’s busy and crowded and crazy, but there is so much to see and do here!

How about Boston?

Nesting swan in Boston’s famed Public Gardens.

I have a special fondness for this city and grab every chance I can to visit it (thanks to family living there, I can do it quite easily). Thanks to all of the univeristies in Boston, there is always a buzz on the streets and lots of students carrying backpacks full of books. Boston is probably the only city where you can receive an education just from overhearing brainy conversation on the subways. In additon to the beauitful homes, streets, and parks, there are bookstores, coffee shops, and a city steeped in history and tradition on the cutting edge of politics…

Mount Desert Island, Maine

Mountains + ocean = blissful vacation.

Acadia National Park with its gentle mountains, peaceful hiking trails, sweeping ocean views, small towns and gorgeous foliage wherever you look, is my family’s favorite place to vacation together.

I couldn’t choose just one photo from Acadia National Park, so you get two. Wooden sign pointing the way to one of my favorite walks in Northeast Harbor.

Across the Pond: London

Like NYC, words are inadeuqate. Just go and you’ll be forever glad you did!


Paris is incredible, magical, and beyond description. But you didn’t need me to tell you that, did you?

For a true French experience, leave busy Paris and head out into a smaller city. While in Bordeaux, I was able to explore vineyards, visit Unesco world heritage sites that were strangely not busy, shop the local market every day, take in small French cafes, and hardly encountered another American there. In fact, it was hard to find English speakers here. I had to learn basic French out of necessity, and I loved it.


Near the Borghese Gallery. I wanted so much to join the boaters on this tranquil pond.

I wasn’t a fan of Rome at first (I wrote about it here), but by the end of my visit the Eternal City had grown on me with its charming buildings, cobblestone streets, friendly people, and ancient history.

Another favorite photo from Rome, because what is a postcard without this iconic fountain on it?

And finally, The Area I Call Home.

Big D skyline at sunset.

Coming full circle back to the states, and to my area. Dallas (above) is huge, sprawling, and extremely diverse. There are more stores and restaurants here than you can shake a stick at (it is usually the first observation visitors make), but there are unique areas and new museums worth exploring, as Dallas is currently doing its best to shake off the perception of superficiality has marked it for so long. If you visit, make time for walking the Katy Trail, picnicing at the Dallas Arboretum or Klyde Warren Park, or try out one of the many excellent coffee houses where you may even glimpse a celebrity.

And… Fort Worth

Sundance Square in downtown Fort Worth.

Fort Worth is a city that really feels like a small town sometimes. The people are unpretentious, welcoming, and eager to welcome new people in. The museums are outstanding, and while Fort Worth prides itself on its lovely cultural district (as they should), you can still spot cowboys and horses on its streets. For a true Texan experience, definitely visit here.

I hope you enjoyed! Please share in the comments any of your favorite destinations – I’d love to see and glean some ideas for future travel!

Until next time…


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