Of Current Reads + Tea

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 presetHello everyone! I’m a day late posting (sorry), but thought I would share my current reads right now as well as some more great articles that I’ve been perusing in my free time (i.e., late at night, in bed, when I should be going to sleep but want to catch up on what’s happening…).

Currently Reading

IMG_8410-0The Bostonians by Henry James. Would you be surprised to know that, as a self-proclaimed English literature nerd, I had never read anything by Henry James, though his books have sat upon my shelves for quite a long time? Honestly, I’m surprised as well. Although The Bostonians are necessarily turning me into a fan of Mr. James’ (but then, to be fair, I’m only about 1/3 of the way through), I am still enjoying the story line so far.

IMG_8413Chance or The Dance? by Thomas Howard. This book, a modern critique of secularism (published in 1969) is written in flowing, beautiful prose that is as captivating as Mr. Howard’s subject matter. He writes inspiringly of the imagination, and turns the ordinariness of our everyday world into a story woven with enchantment.

The City of Bells and Green Dolphin Street (just recently finished) by Elizabeth Goudge. Like Henry James, many of Ms. Goudge’s books line my shelves but I had yet to read one until this year.

Green Dolphin Street was an enjoyable story, although the plot at times was fantastical to the point of near-ridiculous. This is easily forgiven however, because Ms. Goudge is a vastly underappreciated author and her writing draws one in completely. The themes of salvation and redemption through self-sacrificial actions are woven through the story like a tiny thread, leading us (as well as the novel’s characters) to a love that is purchased at a great cost and is discovered where none might expect to find it. I am only just starting in The City of Bells, but hope to find it as engrossing as Green Dolphin Street was.

Finally, here are some articles that I found interesting this week.

For the Traveler

How One Airline Ticket Can Equal Two Seats” on The NYT.
The Best Websites for Cheap Flight Tickets” on Business Insider. You guys, I thought I’d read everything there was to scoring an inexpensive flight. I was wrong. I can’t wait to try the websites/tips featured in this article!

For The Style/Beauty Maven

Anthropologie’s guide to styling a button front midi from summer into fall. I love tips for transitional style. More fall/winter ideas can be seen on my Pinterest page.
Total Beauty’s Best Drugstore Dupes of High-End Hair Products. Who doesn’t want to save a little money?

For the Educator/Parent

Bedtime Stories for Young Brains on the NYT. The incredible life-long brain benefits of the bedtime story. As if we even needed an excuse for the bedtime story…

Until next time…
IMG_8417This Lahana Peach Passion tea is my new favorite. So sweet that one only needs a very small drop of honey in it. Place dried fruit in an infuser and in a (preferably cute) tea cup, add boiling water, steep for 5 minutes and then remove the infuser, add a tiny bit of honey + sip contentedly. Repeat as needed.

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