Getting Ready for Fall

I’ve never been the sort of person to wish away whatever season I’m currently in, as I love each one for what it brings. However, when there are consecutive days of 100+ temps, then admittedly I begin looking forward to fall. It doesn’t help that the stores are clearancing out summer items and bringing in fall and winter wear.

I have recently rediscovered Polyvore and took some time this week to create some design boards for myself that I wanted to share here. Although some of the items are very expensive, I added them so that I can be on the lookout for dupes. You all know by now that I’m very budget-conscious and nothing excites me more than scoring a great deal. In the last two weeks, I was able to find some key pieces for my fall wardrobe and not spend any more than $18 on each one! I purchased a pair of faux suede culottes from H&M for only $7 and a faux-suede skirt from TJ Maxx (more on that below) for $17, so these are the kind of tops that I’ll be looking out for to pair with my new pants:
Tops for Culottes

J Crew red shirt $46 –

I also found a button-front faux suede skirt at TJ Maxx (hint: in the junior’s section), and it has the best design feature ever: a zipper! Yes, it’s actually a faux button-front skirt – and as someone who has wide hips (thank you, ancestors), I couldn’t be happier. I had tried on many skirts and just couldn’t deal with the button issue over my hips. I was either going to have to size way up or deal with buttons popping off. Zipper = problem geniously solved. But, you probably don’t have my problem, so here are some button front skirts that I picked off of Polyvore for you (and myself, if the cycling will ever take effect!). Oh, I tried on the Madewell skirt today and this one will be entering my wardrobe if I can just manage to track down my size. It is one of the few straight-cut, button fronts that actually fits me.

Button Front Skirts

Joie red midi skirt

Glamorous long midi skirt
$61 –

Madewell blue skirt

Phase Eight blue skirt
$93 –

AG Adriano Goldschmied black mini skirt
$1,210 –

Red skirt
$31 –

Glamorous high waisted skirt
$50 –
More Polyvore finds will be shared next week! (can you tell I’m having fun with this?!)

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