Getting Ready For Fall: Tops + Accessories

As promised, here is a continuation of the fall pieces that I’ll be looking to wear once the weather changes. I have tried to select items that can transition easily, and in colors that would flatter any skin type.

Some of my absolute favorites here (because they’re all favorites, really)? The bow blouse is just classic and will function as an inexpensive transitional piece: sleeveless in these waning warm days, layered for those soon-to-come crisp days. Sneakers are also easy transitional pieces and a neutral pair (yes, I consider leopard neutral) are well worth finding as you will get much wear from them.

Also, one need not shop Ferragamo (nothing against Ferragamo as I truly love the brand; I just simply can’t afford it) to find leopard sneakers – I found a similar pair at Target for less than $8 early this year. It’s all in knowing what you need and keeping your eyes open to finding those specific items at a discount. Additionally, adding some key statement pieces, such as the hat or the poncho will go a long way towards updating your entire wardrobe. Who will notice that your denim shirt is five years old when that stunning poncho is over it? Or who will notice an old dress when you’re carrying a fabulous bucket bag? Learning how to draw the eyes from one piece and onto another will help you to update your clothing with minimal spending and effort involved!

Fall tops & accessories

Monki blouse
$34 –

Joie green silk top
$390 –

J crew blouse
$80 –

VILA black poncho
$63 –

Sophie Hulme leather drawstring purse
$1,020 –

Chloé chain purse

$86 –

Until next time,



2 thoughts on “Getting Ready For Fall: Tops + Accessories

  1. I wish I could find a hat to fit my head. It’s always way too large for the ones I find in stores 😂 my daughter says “momma, the hat doesn’t fit ‘cuz you have a big noggin'” ha ha, she’s heard me say that many times when shopping through hats 🙂

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    • Oh that is too funny, Amber! I actually have a hard time finding hats that fit my head also. They always seem to be too big or too small! 😉 but I really love hats so I’m hopeful I’ll find one that fits this fall – I hope you can find one too! 🙂


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