Glazed Donut Works x Zomato

This past Wednesday, I made my way to Deep Ellum in Dallas for a Zomato Meetup at Glazed Donut Works. I remember thinking that I’d be trying some donuts, meeting new people, and probably that would be it. Was I ever wrong. Like, really, really wrong.


When I walked into Glazed Donut Works, it was as though I already knew everyone – they were all so welcoming and friendly! I noted immediately the piles of delicious-looking donuts on the counter and a table prepped for what looked like donut making. You’ll be happy to know two things at this point: 1) I refrained from immediately digging into the donuts, which was very, very hard (I mean, see above photo – look at all of those yummy donuts!) and 2) it was prepped for donut making! In fact, we were in for a whole evening of eating, coffee drinking, visiting, and learning how to fill and ice donuts.


I was handed a s’mores latte with a house-made marshmallow on top (I couldn’t stop thinking about that latte afterwards. It was caffeinated dessert in a cup and I sipped and savored it all.evening.) and the donut tasting commenced. At first I tried to not look like an overeager pig and attempted using some restraint. This was just futile though and I finally gave in and happily enjoyed munching on the delectable flavors being presented. You can see the menu below, but I must add that the grilled cheese (you’d have to taste it to believe just how good it is!), Pumpkin Old Fashioned, and Apple Caramel Cobbler Crunch were hands-down my favorites.


However, every donut was delicious and there wasn’t any flavor that I didn’t like. It really just comes down to what flavors make your world go round. Those are mine.

The grilled cheese donut. Mmmmm…

After the tasting, we all gathered around to make some donuts of our own, and it was, you guys!

Our donut-making station


Putting the finishing touches on the Banana Pudding donut while the Pumpkin Brown Butter Pecan waits nearby…

My favorite part might have been when we took turns toasting the meringue topping on our banana pudding donuts.


I mean, we had this torch! and I, an accident-prone cook, even managed to not set the place on fire.


To end the night, Glazed Donut Works gave us a teeny sized donut dessert and allowed us to keep the aprons and fun hats that we had used during the evening, while Zomato reps passed out gifts as well.

I couldn’t believe it. I had expected a fun evening, but nothing like what I was treated to! And you guys, this post is unsponsored. Those donuts and lattes are really that good and Zomato is really that amazing! Check out their app and join the fun foodie community springing up with Zomato!


In case you don’t know what Zomato is, it’s a social-network food reviewing app. You can read restaurant reviews worldwide, see a restaurant’s menu, place an order through the app, and even get Uber to take you there, all in one place. No need to toggle between multiple apps if you want to visit a restaurant!

I hope you have a happy, donut-filled weekend!

Until next time,



Glazed Donut Works


Glazed Donut Works on Zomato (you can read my review there)


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