Of (painful) Boots

shel boots 4

I love these boots, but I’m not gonna lie, they are a pain to wear! After an hour my feet start hurting and I begin hobbling. I usually have to time it so that I wear them for a few hours and then have a pair of shoes to change into for the remainder of the day. But, I love them and wear them anyway (you know how it is to suffer through pain for the sake of a good boot…). I never thought that it would be possible to wear these all day, pain-free.

sole serum 1

However, a couple of weeks ago I received a sample of Sole Serum. After reading some glowing reviews online, I knew that I wanted to try it out as soon as possible for myself. I waited until a day when I knew that I’d be wearing one of my most painful shoes: those boots you see in the first photo (what you can’t see is the heel. And believe me, it’s a tall one!). I wore them during the morning and then I ended up at the mall. After a bit of walking around (i.e., after Nordstrom, H&M, and Loft) my feet began throbbing, as they always do after a couple of hours in those boots. I somehow made it out to the car and applied some Sole Serum to my aching feet (application note: I would recommend not waiting, but getting to the nearest place where you can remove your shoes to apply it). Within just a few minutes, the pain began to dissipate, and I was able to continue in my boots for another shopping excursion later that day!
IMG_9062 (1)I now carry my Sole Serum in my purse, and will be taking it on my trip to Chicago this weekend (where I will be doing a LOT of walking). And really, I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am that I can wear my beautiful (painful) shoes for longer stretches! I am so glad that somebody created this very necessary product, because clearly fashion will never be comfortable and we are all in for aching feet at some point or another.

shel boots 2
Skirt: TJ Maxx. Top: Nordstrom Rack (old). Boots: Target (old). Tote: Free People.

In a nutshell: Sole Serum works for almost immediate relief of pain. This stuff will be gold at a wedding, party, or anyplace where you need to stand in pretty, pain-inducing heels. Does it eliminate pain? Not completely, but it definitely diminishes it. This product has been the most effective pain-relief option that I have tried on my feet. Worth the splurge, in my opinion.

sole serum 2
True story: I’m a little in love with the mint green and silver bottle…

You can find out more about Sole Serum here. You can read testimonials from actresses who have tried this on the red carpet here. And you can read the whole story of this product here. Oh, and of course, you can buy it here for $19.95.

shel boots
This was taken several hours after applying the serum. I can’t believe I was able to wear my boots for that long!

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Product c/o Sole Serum.

This post is unsponsored and contains my own views and opinions. 

5 thoughts on “Of (painful) Boots

  1. This is definitely a product I’m interested in. My only concern is that is it one of those products that numbs the pain? I’ve read about athletes who have ended up doing lasting damage by using pain relief to mask injury. Generally intolerable pain is an indicator of imminent injury.


    • That’s a great question! Sole Serum doesn’t numb or mask the pain to that extent – it definitely helps, but you would still feel the kind of pain that would be associated with an injury. The way I use it is to only apply it when my foot really hurts and I need to walk in my shoes for just a little while longer. I think that’s the only way this product effectively works, and really is what it was designed for. It would never work beyond a temporary numbing, and is really only for sore arches or toes that are being tortured in heels – not for long-term, continuous use to deal with foot pain. 🙂

      Again, thank you for your question and thanks for stopping by The Nobby Life! 🙂

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