Objects of Beauty

It will come as no surprise to any of you that I love pretty things. Detailed things. Creative things. Objects that spark the imagination, or add the perfect touch to something.


It’s a thrill when I discover such an object (and sadly doesn’t happen very often). When I began following Marissa on Instagram, I was awed with each photo she put up – either her gorgeous nature photos or her lovely jewelry, which are often inspired by Marissa’s natural surroundings (and what I wouldn’t give to have such surroundings! Superb…). When she sent me two necklaces from her shop, I was entranced by how delicate and lovely they were in person – even more so than in the photos (which is amazing, because Marissa’s photos are pretty spectacular!).


I will be wearing these lovely pieces for everything from going out with friends to events where I will be dressed up. There is so much styling potential and I am eager to see how often I can get away with wearing these (because it’s going to be often. Like every day.).


In addition to the beauty and the quality of her jewelry, Marissa is pursuing her passion through her artistry and I am happy and thrilled to support that. I believe that women helping women is the best thing we can do for each other.


If you believe in supporting women and small businesses, as well as receiving excellently crafted jewelry that you won’t get at Target, then please hop on over to Marissa’s store and take a look around!


I promise you, there is something for everyone there. Browsing her store is not only fun, but educational, as she carefully explains the materials used in her jewelry and how it interacts with our bodies. And just between us, for every purchase in January, Marissa is including a free gift! 


So go shop, support, and enjoy the thrill of receiving something that is unique and belongs only to you!




Until next time,


Necklaces c/o Marissa T. Designs

All images are my own. Please do not use without permission. Thank you!

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