Going for Gingham


Hello everyone, and Happy Wednesday! While it looks like the cold weather is behind us, we are currently being inflicted with alternating temps, so that sometimes we are sleeveless and sometimes we have to layer. This was the case on Easter Sunday, when the morning began very cold but had warmed up quite nicely by the afternoon. It didn’t stop me from wearing my gingham dress from Anthropologie that I purchased on super sale last fall. I was able to wear it a couple of times before putting it away for winter. It felt so good to pull it out, even though I had to cover it with a cardigan to stay warm.
One pattern that I absolutely love and am looking forward to wearing more of this spring/summer is gingham. Below are some dresses and shoes that I have salivated over while out shopping. The possibilities for incorporating gingham into your wardrobe are endless, aren’t they?!
p.s. I bought the swingy gingham top from Old Navy (in the picture below), but can’t figure out how to wear out. It’s shorter than it looks and quite voluminous. I’m tempted to return it, but it’s so cute that I hate to give up on it. Any ideas/suggestions for me?


Old Navy gingham top

Eliza J clothing

J Crew j crew flat
$140 – jcrew.com

J.Crew high heel pumps
What is a pattern that you are excited about wearing this spring/summer? Please share in the comments! 🙂
Not sure why I look grumpy… Except that this was pre-coffee… 😉

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