Celebrating Spring

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Reading outside is best done under sunny skies and on plush grass.

Since last I posted a few things have happened. 1) April! I couldn’t be more excited for springtime, blooms, and everything new. 2) I’ve finished some books which I hope to review soon. 3) Baseball season has officially started. I’m gearing up for leisure afternoons and evenings at the ballpark, book in hand, my favorite snack (sweet potato fries) to munch on, and looking at the occasional ball sailing into the home run porch.


Things I’m doing right now:

Enjoying the outdoors (if only my allergies would cooperate! But it’s still not stopping me).


Reading new books. I started Barchester Towers yesterday, am trying to get through Steinbeck’s The Long Valley, and really must get into Lonesome Dove before my bookclub meets!

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Coffee is always better with books. Or is it books are always better with coffee?

Since it’s Wednesday, I thought I’d lighten up the midweek slump (anyone else have midweek slumps? Okay, good, it’s not just me, then) with some fun links:

17 of the best book endings. Because you have to find something positive about a good book coming to an end.

We bibliophiles knew reading was good for you. Nice to see science catching up with us at last.

And for the travelers, here’s a checklist you’ll really appreciate – and get a chuckle from as you read!

Finally, to celebrate baseball season, here are 35 Baseball Facts That Are Too Strange To Be Made Up .

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Who am I kidding? Baseball is all about the sweet potato fries…

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Until Next Time,



4 thoughts on “Celebrating Spring

    • Thank you, Resh! I love spring because it’s the only time Texas actually has color. The rest of the year it is quite ugly. I took these photos at the Dallas Arboretum. Every year they have incredible springtime blooms and it’s like walking around in a flower paradise. 🙂


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