A Weekend in Boston


When my friend and travel buddy texted that she needed to go somewhere or she would explode, I knew just what she meant (I was feeling the same way!) and just what to suggest: Boston. As much as I love traveling to new places, Boston remains one of my favorite cities to return to on occasion. Maybe it’s because I enjoy seeing family who live there. Maybe it’s because of the city’s intriguing blend of historic and modern. Maybe it’s the traditions that Bostonians stubbornly cling to. And maybe it’s just because Boston is one lovely city overall.

IMG_5514We both flew in midday and met up at Logan airport, where we hopped on the convenient bus that takes you straight to the airport MBTA station. Since we were both starving, we got on the green line and stopped off at Faneuil Hall. It was turning out to be a warm day – so warm, in fact, that we were quite hot by the time we found a table outdoors for eating our to-go salads we’d picked up inside the hall. We would later discover that we were in for a mini heat wave that swept Boston that weekend. We were completely unprepared, by the way, having brought clothing for the cooler temps that had been predicted all week.

My friend (who has enviable top knots and backpacks) watches a passing train.

After finishing our lunch we tried to find our way to another MBTA station where we planned to board the green line to Brookline, where we were staying with my family. It may come as no surprise that I promptly got us lost, and since Google walking maps never work very well in the downtown area, my poor friend ended up getting a tour of the various downtown districts before we finally found the station we needed. Thankfully that was the worst experience of our trip, and we went on to enjoy a delightful (if blistering) weekend together.

Here are the highlights from our trip. Please note how many of these are restaurants and coffee shops. That’s how my friend and I roll when we travel…

1. Isabella Stewart Gardiner Museum.

IMG_4398There are no words to describe how incredible this museum is, if only because its founder was a fascinating and intriguing art patron with an eclectic style. It seemed that everywhere we looked there was something to see. The gift store, though small and compact, offered an exquisite selection of books and literary items.

IMG_44012. Museum of Fine Arts.

A can’t miss museum for art lovers everywhere! The gift store is also a delight. If it’s a nice day, you can stretch out under the trees and wait for ducks to waddle into your personal space.

Indulging in some vacation reading while stretched on the MFA lawn…

3. Pavement Coffeehouse

IMG_4418Good food, good coffee, good locations around Beantown.

4. L.A. Burdick’s

Chocolate. And lots of it. Need I say more?

5. Tatte Bakery & Cafe

IMG_4522Oh my gosh, people! This bakery. There are so many pastries and food options and delectable people-watching accompanied by delicious lattes… The Brookline location is my favorite.

Recommended: the pistachio croissant or any of their chocolate options, like the one above.

IMG_4556Also recommended: getting coffee, shoe, and tile photos while you wait.

6. The Paris Creperie

Sweet and savory crepes. All of them so big that you really should plan on sharing. And nutella lattes on the menu?!! Oh um yes, please…

IMG_4343Recommended: the Nutella (pictured above) or the Bear Claw crepe (nb: all sweet crepes come in petite sizes!) accompanied by strawberries and a nutella latte.

IMG_4345Also recommended: visiting during off hours, like 10 a.m. or 3 p.m., otherwise you’ll be hovering over other foodies, watching them eat while you wait to pounce on an open table.

7. Brookline Booksmith

This bookstore is one of my favorites. Maybe it’s becauae this was the first bookstore I visited in Boston so many years ago. Maybe it’s because the store is always bustling and full of people snatching up the latest book release. Maybe it’s because their used book basement always produces a good book find for me. Or, if I’m honest, maybe it’s because there’s a Peet’s Coffee next door and the Paris Creperie across the street… In any case, this bookstore has a lovely, open space, friendly employees, and an unrivalled gift section.

To be continued next week…

Happy Weekend, everyone!


10 thoughts on “A Weekend in Boston

  1. I can’t believe I still haven’t made it out to Boston (I live in New York). I enjoyed reading about your adventures, and this is making me want to plan a road trip to Boston this summer. 😀


    • I think you’d love it, Nicole! Boston is definitely not as fabulous as NY, but it has its own charm. I hope that you can visit it sometime, there are some wonderful bookstores there. 🙂


    • I think you’d definitely like it! It doesn’t offer as much as London, but it’s still a very pleasant, easily maneuverable city with history and modern nicely mixed. 🙂 I always feel right at home when I’m there!


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