Boston, part 2


At last I’m finishing my Boston series! You guys, summer classes have pretty much killed my free time, but I’m learning to manage my time a bit (okay, not really – at this moment I’m supposed to be working on a research paper but instead I’m procrastinating by blogging. 😉 ). Anyway, here is part 2, and I hope that you enjoy it! 

Captured by my friend while we crusied around Boston on the T.

8. Newbury Street

So many beautiful stores housed in 19th century buildings, stretched across eight blocks. The Public Gardens are just across from Newbury, but if shopping is your thing, then you’ll find everything from Burberry to Anthropologie, Ben & Jerry’s to 5 star restaurants. It’s fun to simply stroll up and down on a lovely day.

9. Boating in the harbor


We were treated to a delightful boat ride around Boston and its environs, thanks to my cousin whose husband piloted us around. It is usually about 20 degrees colder on the water than land, so definitely layer if you plan on boating. On a return trip to Boston, I went out on the boat again and this time we made it to some of the cliffs and islands near Boston.


And even though the sun was brilliant it was still very cold, so consider this a second suggestion for layering…

10. Boston’s Historic North End

Cannoli from Modern + latte from Thinking Cup = delight.

Here is where you can encounter history, catch glimpses of the harbor as you walk the streets, meander into adorable little boutiques, and mingle with tourists and residents alike. One can stand in an hours-long line for a cannoli at Mike’s or Modern Pastry (there are generally fewer lines at Modern and the cannoli is excellent), or seek respite within Boston’s oldest churches. You can eat Italian food or jostle for a table at the ever-busy Thinking Cup. And if you’re going to indulge in a lobster roll, you must do it at Neptune Oyster. But be forewarned: this place is tiny and very popular. You will probably have a greater chance of getting in if you go at lunch, but still expect a lengthy wait. But it is so so worth it, you guys!

11. Publick House

Nestled in a shopping center in Brookline, this restaurant and bar is a family friendly environment that actually offers some very savory dishes. The mac and cheese dishes are incredibly rich and soul-satisfying. Oh, and their website is so nerdy cool. You must visit to see!

12. Public Gardens

Take a quick break from Boston’s humming streets and stroll through the garden to witness the ducks and swans paddling about on the ponds, readers stretched out on the grass, and photographers clicking away as their bridal clients pose on the bridge.

13. Watching the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park


I didn’t actually do a Red Sox game with my friend, this was something that my mom and I did on another trip to Boston earlier this month (as are the following bookstore recaps). If you want to experience true Boston, taking in a game at Fenway is the only way. Not only is the history of the ballpark something to consider as you sit on the 100 year-old wooden seats that remain unchanged since the stadium’s opening in 1912, but the passionate crowd cheering for their team, the conversations wafting through the air, and the balls occasionally clearing the Green Monster will leave you knowing why baseball is as much a tradition as it is a sport in Boston.

I loved the rooftop gardens at Fenway! Every ballpark should do this…

14. Brattle Book Shop

This bookstore (one of the oldest used bookstores in America) is one of my absolute favorites. It never fails that on every visit I can find at least one, and usually many more, marvelous books.

The combined book haul from Brookline Booksmith, Brattle, and Harvard. Yes, we had to purchase an extra bag for the flight home…

15. Harvard Bookstore

My other favorite bookstore. The ground level are new books and below are used. Since this bookstore sits across from the famed university, you can get a peak at required reading for students. They have the best sections on writing, literary essays, travel, and poetry.

Bonus: visit the lovely Grolier, a bookstore specializing in poetry, which is just around the corner.

And don’t forget to walk around the Harvard campus and feel all the awe and amazement that it inspires.

More resources if you’re planning to visit Boston:

I found this guide at written by friend Arpita and published on Budget Traveller very helpful, even though I’ve been to Beantown many times.

The Extra Petite blog also recently did a great post on her Boston favorites/recommendations.

Until next time,



3 thoughts on “Boston, part 2

  1. Those rooftop gardens at Fenway! How cool! As a baseball fan, I’d love to take in a game at that historic ballpark. 🙂 I really enjoyed your Boston guides and will definitely be looking back through them when I plan a trip (hopefully soon).

    Liked by 1 person

    • It really is fun, Nicole! So worth doing if you are there during baseball season. And thank you, I’m so glad you liked it. It took me several trips to figure out what was worth doing and what wasn’t, so thought I’d share. 🙂 I really hope you can make it there one day – it’s a great bookish place to visit! 🙂


  2. Loved reading about my favourite Boston through your eyes Shelbi. And I felt so surprised and honored that you mentioned my guide. Thank you!


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