Of New Scarves & Silas Marner

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Hello, Friends! How’s it going? Texas finally cooled down and I am feeling so happy. I even wore a jacket – a jacket!!! – this morning (please don’t laugh too hard, those of you lucky enough to live in climates with seasons! 😉 ). I also wore a new scarf from Lily Silk and it felt so good to wear an accessory without sweating. Isn’t the scarf beautiful? It’s wrapped around my wrist as a bracelet in the above photo, but you can see it on if you scroll down. The one I’m wearing is Floral Orange and I have another in Aqua Floral, which you can see below.349E6751-6810-4197-A4C4-1CD9180FF78C

I plan to not only wear them as scarves, but also use these in my hair, tied to my purse strap, or wrapped around my wrist (yes, really! It’s like the ultimate statement bracelet and then when something is needed to hold hair out of the eyes, voila! hair band at the ready).

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The scarves are 100% silk and come in different prints, for a very low price. AND you can score an additional 16% off your purchase (any purchase, not just scarves) by using thenobbylife at checkout. Click here to explore Lily Silk’s products!

Thank you, Lily Silk, for sending me the scarves to try & review!

Okay, now on to Silas Marner book review…

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When I was sent this classic from Oxford University Publishing, I couldn’t have been happier. I once read this book with my book club and I remember enjoying it immensely. George Eliot is a writer who slowly grows on you. Begin reading her books, and you’ll find that you’re still ruminating on them years later. It was a delight to revisit this deeply moving story about a man who lives contentedly in a small town in nineteenth century England. Silas Marner loses everything as the result of the treacherous act of a “friend”, begins a new life in a new place, and closes off his heart to people for fear of being hurt again. He is viewed with distrust by the townspeople  and he places his love in the gold he secretes over the years. One day his gold is stolen, and Silas Marner is – once again – left desolate. But when everything seems hopeless, hope arrives in the form of a child who wanders into Marner’s cottage on a dark, wintry night… And the rest you will have to read for yourself. 😉

Want to hear a funny story about this book? Several years ago I was on a commuter train heading to downtown Dallas and had chosen to read Silas Marner on the way. A young man sitting nearby leaned over and asked me if I was enjoying the book. “Isn’t it a good story?” he said. I became very excited to meet a fellow literature lover and gave him an enthusiastic response. “Yes! Have you read it?” I was already envisioning a robust literary discussion in this most unlikely of places.

Without missing a beat, he replied “No, but I’ve watched the movie.” And this, my dear friends, is why you should always read the book – so you won’t miss out connecting with other lit nerds on commuter trains! 😉

Thanks so much to Nicolette at Oxford University Press for sending me this classic!

You can purchase a copy of this edition here.

And now I’ll wish you a beautiful, book-filled week!

Until Next Time,


Scarves c/o Lily Silk.

Silas Marner book c/o Oxford University Press


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