Friday Faves

I’m crushing on my new Superga sneakers. I don’t usually wear such bright colors on my feet, but I’m making an exception for these.

20140620-192611-69971338.jpgSurprisingly, the turquoise is more versatile than I had originally thought it would be, and since they look awesome with either pants or dresses/skirts, I plan on light-stepping in them for the duration of the summer. The best part of my new shoes? They cost a whopping $12.99. At Ross. For a color that even Neiman Marcus sold out of.

My other new favorite? This apricot sparkling water. No calories and no bad-for-you add-ins makes this the perfect drink for battling soda cravings on hot summer days. Thank you, LaCroix!


Petal Pink Summer Days

If you were to ask what my favorite color is, I’d say that hands-down, without a doubt, it’s pink. If you were to ask me what shade, however, I’d never be able to give you an answer. I vacillate between whether blush pink, petal pink, pale pink or hot pink is the perfect shade. I have every shade represented in my life by owning pink cosmetics, jewelry, shoes, totes, shirts, skirts, and yes – even pants. Which I only wear when I feel like it. You really have to be in the right mood to wear pink pants, in my opinion. It’s such a happy-go-lucky color that you can’t wear them if you’re going to be grouchy or somber. It.just.won’ This morning I had a happily relaxed day ahead of me.
So the pink pants came out (bonus: no ironing needed). And I paired them with stripes and white shoes. I felt quite summery. The day cooperated by being bright and hot. I ran around town in my pink pants and even indulged in a snickerdoodle shaved ice. I haven’t had one in years. It must’ve been the pink influence.

Anthropologie top, Target pants, Madden Girl perforated flats, Tory Burch bag