The Wright Brothers: A Book Review

I’m not much of a non-fiction reader. At least, not in comparison to literature. Although I love history and learning about pretty much anything, I find it odd that I’m not drawn more often to historical works and biographies. It wasn’t always so; as a young child/early teen, I devoured biographies, especially ones involving missionaries (they had exciting lives, believe it or not!) and great historical figures. But as I’ve gotten older, I am finding that I pick up biographies and historical books less frequently. That avoidance may have turned a corner, however, since completing David McCullough’s latest book on the Wright Brothers.Read More »


Easy Breezy Summer Outfit

What’s better than ice cream when it’s 100 F outside? That’s right, nothing. (Except maybe a cute outfit).

featuring Adorn Apparel

Did I mention how hot is? Oh yes, I did. Just last week. But you guys, it’s gotten even hotter since then! All I think about now is how to stay cool (and look good. natch). When Adorn Apparel sent  me this top and skirt, I knew that my outfit worries were over. Read More »

Dry Shampoo: A Review


I’m not much of a product person. At least, I’m not someone who’s typically out purchasing the latest and greatest beauty product. It takes me awhile to get through my current items (which I refuse to toss as it seems so wasteful to me!), and also I like to wait and see what “real” people say about the products, and check reviews on or regularly. As someone on a budget, I want to be certain that my money isn’t wasted and that I’m getting a product that I enjoy and that will truly be beneficial.Read More »